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Drug induced ALS?

Hi I took two drugs reglan and paxil. I developed rhabdomylosis (muscle breakdown) after taking paxil. Anyway, weeks after the drug I developed severe muscle twitches and myoclonus. I am now feeling pain in my body like stabbing tearing pains and burning pains like a hot knife poking me all over. I have then lost a lot of muscle and it is progressing very rapidly as this started Sept of 09 when I started these drugs. I am not on any medications right now only vitamins. I have less muscle on my right side of my body, and a doctor yesterday nocticed I have hyperactive knee reflex that is symetrical. I am worried that these drugs ruined my nerves and gave me possible ALS mimicking symptoms. My muscle loss will not stop and it is rapid. I am seeing another primary care today as I have been asking for an MRI and a muscle biopsy. I have had an EMG two months ago and I was told it was normal. Well according to what I have read I do not think it was normal. My muscle was generating activity on the screen while my leg was at rest. Abnormal test result right?? I need to get another EMG somewhere else. I also need a NCV. Anyway I am 27 years old and scared as I am losing myself!!!! I am withering away to nothing. I had tons of blood tests, and they come out normal. Currently waiting back on the aldolase test. Does anyone have an idea of what is going on? I have muscle strength for the little muscle I have left. Or is this another myopathy problem that is all together different? Leaving for the doctor in a few minutes to push for this again.

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What ever happened with your muscle loss and strength?  Did you ever regain your muscles and strength?  My boyfriend is currently in a similar situation.
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