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Help scared I'm having ALS early onset symptoms

Hey I'm a 21 year old female
One night randomly my arms and legs went numb and had a tremor then the hands began to hurt a lot
This lasted for about a week..
Now a month later the numbness is slight but not always there instead there's an extreme weakess in my arms and legs and espessialy in my hand
There's also a pain and it's the worst in my hands and arms almost like they cramp up
The newest symptom I have is muscle spasms especially in my right leg every hour almost
So I've been having pain in the arms legs and arms weakness, muscle spasm, twitching, and tingling pins and needles..
I'm scared their als symptoms I talked to the doctor they checked my blood came back normal even B12 levels were fine they sent me in for an EMG and everything was normal as well..
I'm scared please give me some advice also my eyes went blurry a little with pain in them but that's gotten a bit better just scared because after a month their still numb and tingling and weakness has gotten much worse, like I'm still able to pick things up and lift thing they just feel weak and in pain
Also when I'm laying down I feel a crawling sesenation in my arms and legs
Please help I'm just so scared it's ALS early onset
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