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Scared you know what

Hello.  I am really scared of the symptoms I have.  Three days ago my right leg went numb below the knee to my toe with some tingling (sort of like when your foot is trying to wake up).  I'd have sporadic sharp pains (could have been spasms) throughout my calf.  I would get a sharp pain for a second or two, no pain for 4-5 seconds and the it would happen again.  This would last for upwards of an hour.  There was some twitches but there were not frequent.  I'd also have a few stabbing pains in my thigh that would last a few seconds.  Finally, I had frequent painful muscle cramps.   Last night,  the numbness and tingling went away and was replaced with widespread twitching and spasms on my right and left leg, mostly below the knee.  Many were visible to the naked eye.  I also has twitches and spasm on my for arms, biceps, thighs, quads, shoulder and face but now where near as many as on my legs.  I also have had occasional pi prick sensations all over my body.  As a note, the "v" between index finger and thumb on my left had has been hurting about 3 weeks. It hurts when I first use my thumb and seems to die down but has intermittent flares with continued use.  I chalked it up to texting thumb.  So that's where I am right now.  Scared out of my mind wondering if I have initial ALS symptoms.  20 years in the service with no fear (not deployed to the gulf so I think I'm sheltered form the higher risk).  )Now with kids, my obsessive need to be a good provider has given me a health anxiety disorder.  Last night I was trembling with anxiety over this.
  My questions are:
  Does ALS twitching move from one leg to another in 2 days with less frequent twitching in other muscle group?
Can initial pain symptoms surface without weakness?
Are the twitches and spasm visible to the naked eye for initial ALS symptoms?
Do I need to press for a neuro consult?

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