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mri reports c5-6 c6-7

i had a acciend  in 2008   had a mri done  i have not work as of 2008  have not done much other that suffer in pain

c5-6  broadbased disc  bluge that abuts cerivical cord antetiorly. lateral aspests of disc bulge extends into neural formamina causing a mild to moderate degree of bilateral neural foraminal stenosis center canal is maintained

c 6-7  broadbased disc bulge abuts cerical cord anteriorly. lateral aspects of disc extends into neural foramen bilaterlly,left greater than right causing left neural foraminal stenosis  no center or right neural foraminal stenosis

end up getting a c 5/6 fusion

still had pain in neck tingerling in fingers pain in shoulder and headaces  wbc and thier staff siad it all in your head  

finally found a good dcotor and had a mri done in 2010

c6-7  level demonstrates mild to moderate disc bar osteophyte foration and minimal thicking to ligamentum flavum-  these degenerative changes superimposed upon cerical spinal canal that is developmetally mildly narrow in caliber has produced near complete effacement of csf about cord at this level, however, with no cord flattening or singal change .  osteophytes produce moderate to marked formaminal stenosis bilaterally at this levaal

Q  what the diffarnce between to mri

Q  when they do a c cpine they jack then neck apart to do this chould this have been done then

doc says if i get have a  fusion  the should go away
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