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scared if it's ALS all if this whole time

I was diagnosed with a DVA last January and I have a small mass in my thymus and have swollen lymph nodes and chronic maxillary sinusitis during that year I've had like clavicle pain I never thought too much of nit until the last few months where my legs ,arms, fingers began to twitch like it feels like small pulses and they are random like I could have one twich on my calf and a few seconds on my other leg, I've noticed a few weeks ago that I have a dimple on my should so I measured my arm and it's smaller than the other I have no weakness i have noticed how sometimes my fingers hurt or my hands kinda cramp up, my wrists hurt my joints hurts, I did have alot of xrays and ct scans and mris over the past 2 years and they didn't found nothing I'm just really worried I have als, I can swallow fine. Breathe fine is just that my body hurts and I don't know why my neck gets stiff I sometimes get cramps around my body, I feel tired all the time an in pain it feels like it gets worse everyday I feel weaker and in more pain in my muscles, I get abdomen twitches also at time stomach craps, when I try to grab small things my hands feel weird or when I hold something it feels like I'm not grabbing nything like how I used to I think this happened in a matter of months at times I feel like a burning stinging sensation on my arms never my legs, my face twitches at time or at times my tongue like a small part of it feels like it twitching or plusing sorry I haven't posted  in 2 years I just forgot about this site,  now I just want some advice because tbh 2 years ago I thought I had ALS also but I can't seem to remeber my symptoms  I they are the same as they were now I do have good balance, sometimes my vision is blurry, I sleep at times until 5 am could that be the cause of all of this ?

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The twitches u mention r called fascilations they r symptoms of als but they r also symptoms of other neuro/neuromuscular diseases too. als is hard to dx bcuz it is a disease of exclusion. I would recommend, if u haven't yet, to go see a neuro. You wont find what ur looking for here, what u need is an emg & nvc & a bunch of other tests. sorry & good luck finding out whats wrong.
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