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Hi, after 3 week of possible exposure  (unprotected vaginal sex) with the infected girl, I went to a doctor and blood were drawn and sent to the lab. The test were conducted on HIV P24 antigen which was negative and HIV 1+2 ELISA which was non-reactive. I didn't see any symptoms until 2 days towards the end of week 4, I started to have some fatigue and a loose stool and sometimes a bit of watery (watery stool not more than two days). The diarrhear took seven to nine days and it stoped (it wasn't that bad course I used to go to the toilet 2 or 3 times in a day) I also had a blocked nose but didn't cough, I've also lose some weight by 2  or 3 kg. On week 5 and 2 days some rash apeared on the left arm and it lasted for a day and disappeared. I must mention that I was stressed and also anxious while waiting for my lab results. Could this be a symptoms of HIV or anxiety, stress and pschological effects played a part. How long can a diarrhea coursed by stress and anxiety last, is it normal that it can last for more than three days?
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I got watery diarrhea after 4 weeks of possible exposure, this is a huge coincidence. I'll get the test results today that will turn to be positive, you should get tested again so you can deal with HIV earlier.
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The only way to know if you have HIV is to test for it.  3 months post exposure is conclusive.
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in case of ars there will be fever, diareoah is not a specific of hiv , stop scaring people.
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sorry the post was addressed to leo 1991
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