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I was abused as a child by so 2 close family members

when i was a child one my  girl family member used  make me touch her panties by putting me under her skirt. i didnt it was wrong  at that time nothing , made me aware it was bad . i think she was also a teenager in her 16 or 17 i was around 8 or 9. another one of was a distant member who used to sleep in out home. who abused to very bad made me do oral sex and all it whent way. did all these have any relation with my porn addiction and masturbation addiction  fear of talking to girls. any experts here  iam struggling to end my addiction thinking back i was first introduced to this way .. after i was abused .  think i was not aware iam being abused so idid t tell anyone. but thinking back it makes me feel weird.  
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Gosh, that's really hard. I'm so sorry if you were sexually assaulted and it sounds like it. Do you have ANY family member you can talk to or trust? Do you want the family members outed? Or are you just asking as it pertains to you and sexual- porn addiction? It sadly has been shown that males in particular that suffered molestation and sexual abuse often do struggle with sexual/porn addiction. 81 percent of men with a sexual addiction state they were sexually abused. I'm sorry. Can you see a therapist?
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