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Abused by a doctor and medical staff in Finland

I wonder if anyone knows of any groups for people abused by medical professionals. I am from Finland originally, but have also lived in the US and the UK for longer periods of time. I have now lived in Finland for the past year and before that I lived in Chicago. I was abused by a doctor at the Oulu University Hospital in Northern Finland when given too much fentanyl after falling off a horse and fracturing four ribs in January this year. I was nearly unconscious and a female doctor (ca 50 years old) asked me disgusting sexual questions in front of 9 people and provoked me to talk about sexual things nobody would ever discuss with any stranger, while I was heavily sedated. Nine people were watching and nobody intervened. Actually on the contrary, two older nurses (a male and a female) urged the female doctor to continue and I was abused even more. I have been truly traumatized by this and have been in trauma therapy for four months now.
I wonder if you know of any support group or of any people with similar situation to mine that I could talk to. I have not received any proper therapy in Finland and a very unprofessional female psychiatrist just almost dismissed my case (6.2.2017) as I was not able to tell her much about what had happened. She pretty much just sent me home. The discussions "therapy" that I have received thus far has not helped at all. I am only given times once in two weeks and during the two week period I can get really down and cannot stop thinking about what happened and how badly I was treated. I know I have the symptoms of PTSD, but it seems that the staff giving me the "therapy" totally dismisses this and pretty much just thinks my abuse isn't such a big deal. Apparently to them the abuse was not that serious as there was no touching ( I have not been able to talk to them about the abuse details either). However, this kind of abuse by medical staff when you are totally helpless (I could not move and I remember that I was told to ...Breath,...Breath), thus I was in a really bad shape at some point, really leaves bad scars. The AJC magazine said it really well " Hurt that does not heal" *link removed*  I know different people take this kind of abuse differently. I was brought up in a very traditional Christian home, thus this kind of sexual abuse when nearly unconscious leaves a lot greater scars compared with people having liberal upbringing. I have no objection to either upbringing, however, medical staff should take into consideration how badly their actions can hurt some people when others might pretty much just dismiss the case. And nobody regardless of their background should need to go through anything like this!!! I personally think anyone going through a thing like this would be hurt in some way. You are supposed to be able trust the people taking care of you when ever you fall ill.
I would really appreciate any help that anyone could offer as I have noticed that I DO have the symptoms of PTSD and that the symptoms can be quite severe and have lasted for way too long. Talking to other people with similar experiences I am sure would be of great benefit.
Hopefully you have time to get in touch
Best Liisa
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Asking about sexual history is a part of a history taking by physicians and I highly doubt that they meant to be rude or abuse you especially with so many people around.
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Since i don't know what was asked, it's hard to comment, however, i think you need to find out who to talk to Hospital Administrator, whose job it is to deal with complaints against medical staff -  at the hospital where this occurred absolutely. Personally, I think you have been abused for sure. There was absolutely NO NEED to drug you and then ask you ANY questions, let alone those of a sexual nature. I'm really sorry that you're not finding any relief for how you're feeling with the therapist that you've seen. I think you should sit down and write up a document explaining your complaint, and ;p see if there is anywhere on the hospital's website you can post it, For instance, here there is a site where doctor's are rated. Bring the document with you and ask to talk to the Hospital Administrator. Tell them that you are experiencing symptoms of PTSD; and you have not found a therapist to help you with that, and tell them that you want them to refer you to a therapist. I'm really, really sorry that you are so upset by this. I would be too, no doubt about it.

If you can talk to a lawyer, and ask about suing them for drugging you and then asking sexually charged questions, i might also check into that, and have your lawyer send the hospital's lawyer a letter.  Settlements have been made for less just to have this go away, or not to have you post the incident on the internet. THERE IS NO WAY THAT DRUGGING A PERSON AND THEN ASKING THEM ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT A PERSON'S SEX LIFE, ESPECIALLY IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE.

You are RIGHT to be upset. I'm sorry. I'm sending you a hug as we speak. Feel better. I'm here if you want to talk privately. :).
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My guess is,  you misremember what happened due to your being heavily drugged with fentanyl.  That's more believable than a whole room of medical professionals listening while you are asked very very inappropriate sexual questions.  Maybe you could go on from there,  rather than pursuing lots of therapy?  
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