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Child Molester living with my kids

My ex has a boyfriend who she has moved in with my son who was well documented as having molested his kids by having them massage his penis with his feet, "If you sleep with daddy without underwear, daddy will let you play with his wee-wee" and a host of other similar things.  This man is not allowed to see his own daughter because of this behavior!

What is wrong with some women!
What can be done in Illinois?

She has already been found guilty of medical neglect once, but this is over the top.
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I honestly would report her to CPS.  I'm pretty sure that if someone is convicted of child molestation they are NOT allowed to live within a school district, nor have any kind of contact with children under a certain age....PERIOD.
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Not convicted, "Indicated" by dcfs and casa.  I gather somehow they might have gotten him treatment instead of convicting for mental illness.
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I think According to the law a child molester may be helped by a dr but he can not be cured and if he did it once he will again.I would go to the Dept human services and try to get help from them if that does not work can you not get a lawyer to address this situation to a court of somekind ,if that does not work has anyone talked with your son and told him what to do in certain situations-does he know not to let anyone near his private parts if not he needs to be told that should anything unusual happen to go to a grown up or call you, someone neds to be alerted to this sounds like your wife needs to do something and put her childs needs first i do wish you lots of luck in dealing with this  jo
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My son just turned 3 in december.
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How many of these details are you sure of,  SS?

Why wasn't he charged?  If it's "well documented" by DCFS that he molested multiple children,  and as a result he is not allowed by law (is it law,  or is it the children's mother not allowing?)  this kind of doesn't add up that he's allowed to live with a woman with a small child.

Are you 100% sure of all the details of your terms and statements?
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Yes I have the complete files.
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Okay,  SS,  I think you need to go to DCFS for help.

You need to get help here.  This story is baffling,  frankly.  
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Well the person who has an OP against this guy on behalf of her 11 year old daughter says DCFS has lost the file several time and they have said he was indicated several times in the past but- they don't have anything open currently.

Heck I could give you their field office number even!

Honestly DCFS I do believe hires all too often worthless pieces of excrement for investigators.
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Serious,  I've enjoyed your posts and generally think you have a lot to add,  so please take this in the spirit it is intended - to be helpful.

You're acting helpless here.  You're kind of talking like your mouth is full of marbles,  and you aren't being clear.  Maybe you're kind of paralyzed by fear.

If you have the copies of everything,  then it doesn't matter if DCFS has lost them or not - you have them.  You have dates,  case numbers,  signatures,  etc.  

You have someone else who also has these - the other 11 year old's mother.

Often divorced parents make up stuff against the other parent,  and blow things way way out of proportion so they aren't always given full weight when they express concerns.

In your case,  however,  it seems like you have MORE than enough evidence to get him out of there and you're kind of being inactive.

Your kids are counting on your here and they need you.  If you have what you say you have - copies of a file where multiple counts of sexual abuse of a child are substantiated - move with it today.

Best wishes.
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Ok more details:

The other mother is dead.  This guy is apparently attracted to mothers who are either vulnerable (2 dead wives who both had conditions that turned terminal) or otherwise emotionally needy.

The person who has custody is the childs half sister.

I talked to the DCFS field office they said that he hasn't been involved with them for years, so since their is nothing new they will not do anything, even with the records.

I went to court on friday and the judge said that this needs to be handled in family court, but in family court the last time I got her in to court, she lied and said we had proceedings ongoing in a different district and had it thrown out, without having to supply evidence.

The Seventh circuit court where I live has a very misandronystic rep anyway and it does not help that in addition to this I do not have an attorney.

In the interim I am contacting every attorney I can, I just put in for a promotional position that  will pay substantially more and contacted every domestic violence group that I can think of...

If you have more ideas though I will welcome them gladly though!  Illinois DCFS has kind of a bad rep of waiting until kids die to do stuff.
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I think it's great that you got an attorney.  I bet things will happen very quickly when someone who knows the system steps in to help.

Best wishes.
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NO, I am going to talk to an attorney.  Hopefully a good one who will do sliding scale or payments.
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If you know your child is in danger of being molested by this person take him .Worry about the consequences later atleast you would then get attention on this matter. I would not even think twice about it i would tell the mother you will dicuss this in court.If what you say is true court is the last place she will want to go.
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