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Don't want to live

I hate life and spend most of my time inside. I have a bad relationship with my mom and hate my step dad. I feel like she doesn't give a **** half the time and don't see myself going anywhere. I know it's a lot to think for being 15 years old but I'm really sick of everything
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What about going to your dad?  Any chance there, or is he not in your life?  It sounds like any change would be a good change.
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sweetie. it gets better I PROMISE YOU THAT  it really does.  
i came from an extremely abusive childhood that included every kind of abuse you can imagine.   i felt like you do until i moved out.  look online for a teen crisis line and call and talk to someone. please
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It helps alot to start working part time, and concentrating fully on your grades to get out from underneath a bad setting at your age. Soon you'll be able to work and begin your own life, you won't have any time to bother with either your mom or step dad. i found a good site talking about how to approach looking for a job. I worked when i was 16, maybe before. I worked in an old folks home as a server. You have to start somewhere. It helps alot to be able to talk about specific things that are going on in your life, that are bothering you and i hope you find someone to talk to and get "everything" off your chest. You can do that here, it is anonymous, or you can make some friends, and send them a private message. Either way, i feel for you, and hope that you start to feel more in control of your destiny, that's when things start to turn around. How is school for you?
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