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when i was younger my mom use to physically abuse me, as i got older it changed from physical to verbal and emotional. which affected me the most. i preferred the physical because i dont know why i just took it easier, but when she'd call me things like b*tch, ugly, hoe, dumb, retard, it just hurt alot at those moments i didnt even feel like her daughter . . . i felt like. . . nothing. Me and my mom never got along. I dont even feel she deserves the title mom. I was never Mommys Angel or daddys little girl, i was always grandmas baby. Until the day her husband molested me, and no matter what my grandma says she chose him over me. Im basically banned from her house, and i was so confused because she was the one that took me in and let me stay with her, so i didnt have to stay with my mom. in my eyes my grandma was my hero tht saved me from my mom, saved me from the hurt and pain. I thought revealing to her how her husband crept in the bed with me and continually kissed on my neck and touched my butt, would remove him from the house. So no one could ever hurt me again but instead i got sent back to my moms. I was told that i would get therapy but here we are . . . 5 months latter and its beenn brushed under the rug and im just left to sit in my room and cry every night. thats the only thing i feel i can do . . . . im sorry for how long this is guys i just rele need someones advice, i hate feeling like i want to die, i hate feeling like things won't get better. i
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Can you give us your age I am assuming that you are a minor and still need to live with a parent.I agree that some therapy , perhaps you could ask your mom or a school counselor how you can go about requesting help. Like many children this should not have happened to you , what you have to do is get to a point wheer you can accept that it did happen but determine it will not ruin your life , you will not let them win .Have you friends to talk to or other family member as that may help. You also have to fill your life with things and stay busy , occupy your thoughts with other things, not always easy but it can be done ,it is a fact our thoughts make us feel bad .You can call CPS on the molestation you suffered. Let us know how you are doing, I hope you find the  strength you need to get through this period of your life ...  
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be open to therapy because you can let it all out you will be suprised how much of a relief it will be... best of luck to you hun
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