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Just joining your community. Sexually abused by an alcoholic father as a child and am just now addressing my issues as a 49 year old woman..I was consequently diagnosed this week with PTSD, Bipolar II, ADD and depression..all really falling under the PTSD and Bipolar issues. Anyone out there procrastinate their issues...I was one of the top real estate brokers on the east coast for 12 years..unmedicated...am afraid to deal with the PTSD issues...would love to hear from someone with a similar story?
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It is not at all uncommon for victims of sexual abuse not to report it or seek treatment.  In fact there have been numerous studies that show sexual abuse is FAR FAR underreported!  The important thing is that you are now seeking help and I applaud you for that as it takes a strong person to confront the abuse, especially when it is by a family member.  Now that you have been diagnosed you can begin to recover.  There are many support groups available for victims of sexual abuse and they are very helpful, remember that many of us, (providers) have never been victims of sexual abuse so peer to peer support is very important.  I wish you the best of luck in your treatment and recovery and applaud you for seeking treatment!

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i have all the same problems as you im bipolar, add, ptsd also..... i was raped and beaten a few years ago and have had shoulder and knee surgery from it and need more. I could not come to terms or be willing to except or talk about what happened to me. my ptsd got so bad i had to go to a day hospital... they saved my life. i faced my fears, anger,reseintment,hurt and any other kind of emotion you can think of... being able to talk about it has lifted the biggest weight off my shoulders. there are some tips i couldl give you that help you heal and move forward. doing the excersies suprising help me a tone. I am the old me now the happy unhurt loving me... a much better me.... i live by the serenity prayer... you have to let go of the things you can not change. talk about it express how you feel every emotion you go through it really helps... I am SOOOOOOO PROUD of you for standing up and not letting him win.. it does not matter how long its been since it happened... you are strong and you can move forward and live your life and keep that evil person from taking anything more from you .....if you want some of that info let me know and i will get my paperwork out and give you some excersises that will help they are very hard to do at frist but it pays off.. be strong God bless :)
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