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Have I done a crime?

I am feeling suicidal related to an event happened in my life. I am 18, few days before, I was walking with my 11 year old sister on road while talking, and then my sister was about to step into a small pithole and I try to stop her by grabbing her arm above elbow, but I accidently touched/grabbed her breasts. This accident was completely accidental and unintentional and I never ever meant to touch her in a wrong way. I really hate pedophilia and incest, and I never ever supported it, and will never do such things ever in my life. But after that incedent, I am feeling like a criminal or assaulter and child predator. And I am very depressed and feeling suicidal and just want to die. What should I do? And how should I move on? My sister does not know or remever this and probably will never going to remember this. But I am feeling guilty and dying from inside. Please help soon.
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I'm sorry that you are suffering so much from this event.  Let me say first that you have done NOTHING wrong legally, and you absolutely did the right thing morally.  

In life, our body parts are going to touch other people's body parts.  If you are on a crowded bus or train, chances are that someone's breasts will eventually touch your arm, or someone will accidentally brush by your groin as they try to pass you.  None of this is a sexual act, just as your actions were not a sexual act.

Pedophilia and sexual abuse have NOTHING to do with accidental touching or grabbing.  They require sexual attraction and sexual intent.  There is nothing to feel guilty about.  
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