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How do you control rage

All day today I have felt depressed,anger,rage and hate.I woke up feeling like this It sounds sick but today I've really wanted to hurt and kill my brother.I have kept my hate and rage in my whole life and now my counsellor has made me face it,I need to learn how to control it,The alcohol and codeine used to do it now I have no safety valve,I so feel like going back to what I know and understand I can't handle these emotions at the surface.I am just so angry at everything right now including myself.I feel like going to the chemist tomorrow and getting more codeine It's so easy here you don't need a script.How can I stop myself when It's so easy.    
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Even if you do get more the problem is still there isn't it? Is that really the answer?
Do you really want to go through stopping again. Just throw away all your work?
You are better then that. Deep breaths, slow down, walk away! We are here for you.
Do you workout. Maybe use the punching bag!
Hang tuff my friend!!

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Believe it or not I go to the gym I do 8 sessions in 5 days tomorrow I have a personal training session and we do boxing,I have my own hot pink boxing gloves
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Ok Now I am sooo jealous! I would love to have hot pink boxing gloves and a trainer. :)

I think I would wear them all the time. HA! I would be bouncing around like rocky!
Up and down the stairs singing eye of the tiger. Well I would if I didn't pull a groin muscle  shoveling 20" of snow on Sat......  Hurts like the devil. so much for Rocky!!

You are rock and stonger then you give yourself credit for!

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Just surface that anger out in the rink...Take all the rage you have in your body and let it lose...show that trainer watsup and kick his *** lmao
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Wow!!! You're feeling - remember healthy expression - write girl write and don't censor the words or depth of emotion - keep writing until the feeling subsides.  Uncontrolled expression is NOT the answer.  Interesting that you are uncomfortable with these feelings and talking of burying them again - eh?
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Hey guys good stuff here great input I also think that Physical activities are very helpful, it also keeps those nasty negative thoughts at Bay .....
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