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Is this abuse?

I am seeing this guy over the last 2 months. we do share what lovers do & things were so good until his ex-girlfriend proposed him & demanded a patch up. though he is denying the fact that he loves her, but i am still getting insecure with him. suddenly he gets up at the middle of the night when his phone rings & talks to someone & when i ask,he just shouts or sometimes say its none of my business & just stops love making. when i ask him he yells hiding his dilemma & rides me in a rough way just to finish it off.sometimes if i intervene while he is on a phone call,he just spanks me & throws me off to bed. i don't know why is he behaving in this manner. I have no clues what to do unless he confesses or shall i break up.
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What a jerk. If he does anything again, tell him "I deserve better". If a man is going to be shady about everything and tell you off like your an animal then he isnt worth your time.
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This is abusive. There's no way for you to fix it. If he's doing things like this the next thing he'll do is hit you directly and things will get worse from there. Get out now while you still can.
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Only one response from me get out ..he is abusive and it will get worse he is not worthy of you .... leave .
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