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Is this sexual harassment or something else?

When I was 14 I had just moved back to United States (1976-81) from living overseas with my family in Saudi Arabia ( where are I was  going to an American embassy school, we were constantly told by the teachers at school that all sexual offenses were taboo and if something were to happen they wouldn't be able to shield us from harm). Back to the United States three months later my father passed away from a massive heart attack.  I was totally devastated we were close family my father my mother my sister and I!   My sister got married quickly and got out of the house it was just my mother and I and I was sinking  more and more into depression ( I can never thank my Bournemouth  for all the love that she gave me to make up for my father not being there!),  after I attempted suicide and came out of the hospital my mom found me the "best" child psychologist in our area!  When we first started out it was looking back now, like a normal typical psychologist would help a child through grief. We started discussing my life overseas and how I only had limited TV and afterschool I would come home and basically did nothing since all my friends lived compounds and we did not ( meaning I was unable to have friends come over  or make meaningful male/ female relationships).  This is the part that haunts me to this day; somehow, . we got on the subject of sex being very innocent and naïve I didn't think anything when  he asked if I was interested in.sex  and I told him I was curious but I wanted remain a virgin until I married.   He then tells me he has an informative video tape that will help me through the years of situations  and relationships I missed when I lived overseas,  proceeds to put the video in and it was the Kama Sutra!! Kama Sutra style there were other tapes so many that I just shut down and forgot everything I saw at that point to,  this day I can remember the, horror embarrassment, and shame watching that with him and  watching me!  I never told my mother of this nightmare she passed away without reliving that horror with me.  Unbelievably he still practicing a 70 year-old man and I can't help but think how many children did he do that same thing too?  I wish I would've had the courage to report him, but I was too ashamed the nightmares still come to me,  and I will never forget the look on his face as he watched me with that disgusting smirk on his face!!
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Definitely it is abuse and I hope it didn't affect your life afterwards other than as you mention the bad memories of watching it with him which I hope aren't too often. You can report him but it is unlikely that he is the same person so might not be watching those kinds of videos anymore.

However if you report him and the society he is registered with investigates they may be able to locate others who will come forward. I would talk it over with the society to see what they recommend.
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I'm so sorry that your dad was taken too early, and my greatest wish for you is the knowledge that he missed nothing of your life since he passed, just as your mother watches over you . I'm sorry that you experienced a person entrusted to help children, abuse you as you describe. Have you talked to a therapist about the recurring dreams? I think that they would be able to help you with ptsd as a result of the incident(s). I also think that you should most definitely contact the right people and expose this man. It's never too late and there may already be people that have been affected by his selfishness and disregard for the young lives he was entrusted to help. Other than this terrible memory, how are you doing? I pray well.
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