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The R word :'(

I've recently become a victim of R Im struggling to cope I've told a couple of friends. But I can't turn to my best friend as she doesn't know how to deal with it. I can't tell my family so who do I turn to??
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Do you mean rape?  You turn to the police and a rape counselor.
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Yes, I'm not sure what R is.  

By the way, welcome to the forum!!  peace
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Yes I mean Rape. I don't feel as tho I can turn to the police. As I was drunk and high & have no memory & I mean no memory at all. So don't feel confident enough to talk with them. I've been talking to a lady at the sexual health clinic. As I've had to have swabs bloods vaccinations and now playing the waiting game. It's even harder it being a work colleague as I trusted him in my own home & he brought a friend over to the party. Who then took it in turns to rape me :'(
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One of the things about rape is that it rapes you mentally as well as physically.  You assume you won't be believed, you want to hide away, you assume you will be blamed.  Well, at the very least, talk in great depth to the lady at the sexual health clinic about whether or not she (who has doubtless seen it all) thinks you would be hung out to dry if you filed a complaint.  

If you have semen samples from both guys from the swabs, it isn't going to take much to be convincing.  Please let the professional be your guide, and please keep going to counseling at the very least.
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Just checking in on you, i'm so sorry that you're having to deal with rape, my goodness, we must be so careful with our bodies and minds, not to ever contribute to our own demise. That's the old you. It's over and washed away. Let your mind be peaceful ; close your eyes and release the pain. There is karma at the least, but help it along by sending a mental hexing to these two degenerates. Pray that they find the kind of pain on themselves that would stop them from hurting anyone, like they did you, again.

yes, you need to stick with those who understand from experience; and follow their lead. always,

you're in my thoughts and prayers dear child xo NH
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may,  how did you come to realize you had been raped by both of them?  Did they photograph it,  or did someone tell you who could serve as a witness?
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My goodness...such a sad thing to see in this ever-demising world we live in.  It's sad to see men out there that are so desperate for sexual release that they force it on women who mostly can not overcome the strength put against their bodies by the degenerates they encounter.  It's a disgrace to the male gender.  I hope you find peace eventually.  Just know that no matter what...you're not at fault.  I truly believe that.  When people walk away with the "she was dressed like this, obviously wanting it." excuse...it breaks my heart.  No man should force theirself on a woman.  It should be consensual no matter the situation.  Blacked out and wasted can be a sad situation for a woman...but I know it tends to happen on occasion for us that like/liked  to party.  But there's no excuse for a man to get a girl wasted while he stays in is right mind just to get a piece.  Now if both people are wasted and it happens...a bit different...but still...consensual is the KEY word.  I'm sorry dear...I hope things get better.  You did nothing wrong...don't let those b-holes take your life from you.  Forget them and continue on with your dreams and hopes. :0)
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I just want to say that I am so sorry for what happened to you. The best thing you can do right after is go to the hospital (which you already did), and get some type of counseling. I was raped in 2005 when I was 18, and not a day goes by that I haven't thought about it. If you don't want to talk to a therapist or counselor about it, there is a hotline 1-800-656-HOPE and the website for the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network is www.rainn.org. I called a hotline right after and found some relief. But I never got the closure that I needed. I am 26 now, and working up the courage to go see a therapist about it. The main thing that you have to keep telling yourself is that it's not your fault. I can't tell you to go to the police, because I was too afraid to go myself. The rapists were my boyfriend at the time and two of his friends. And rape is a hard subject to talk about, just give you best friend time, and she will come around.
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If you have no memory at all, how do you know who it was that raped you?
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