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The people in my life closest have hurt me the most.

I just wanna know, how would I approach confronting my parents about my traumas if it has been years after it all happened?
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Do you currently have a relationship with them, one or both?  Your dad participated in hurting you and your mom allowed it to happen?  Does your mom know?  A psychotherapist would be excellent to guide you.  What do you want to come out of the situation of telling them?
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I'm sorry  I wasn't clear about what I said. This was supposed to be a continuation from my first post. I love my mom and dad, but they just don't know all of these things that I went through. I was too scared to tell them. I  was just very little at that time and somehow maybe I thought at that time there was nothing wrong. Till much later, it started affecting me. I know during those times I must've been confused but it's definitely clearer now that I am much grown.
None of my parents know. I was never good at sharing my emotions after it all happened, that's why I have major trust issues and I am almost always doubting things,  or clouding my own judgement about the outcome of everything that I do. I am thinking of maybe if I share all of these to my parents it would help but I am also second guessing that maybe it would just become a huge burden for them.
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