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This has happened years ago I can't quite remember how old I was but I'm 16 now

When I hear things about abuse I get triggered from something that happnee at a young age that I brush under the carpet. I haven't told anyone because I am afraid of their reaction and what the outcome may be even though this was years ago but as a child I can only slightly remember my older brother who is now 22 but was a young teenager at the time bending me over and attempting to put his penis inside , that's all I can remember and it's been years , I don't know if I should just leave it alone and not tell anyone and just brush it under the carpet as I've done so these years or just talk to someone about it ? I'm confused up till this day and it makes me uncomfortable knowing it's my older brother that did that I try to understand that he was probably young and aroused at the time so I believe he didn't know what he was doing but the thought telling one of my family members scares me as my brother has a girlfriend with a son and a baby girl on the way now and he is nothing like that at all today .. I'm scared the more I think about telling someone in my family

Any advice please ?
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Have you ever considered talking to your brother about it directly? By doing so, you would not necessarily feel the need to talk to your parents about it. I know you're young, and may need the support of your parents, and that's okay too, i'm just thinking that maybe you and your brother could have a heart to heart and maybe find closure yourselves. In order to not have him automatically deny it though, you would need to approach this as a definite, that you definitely remember him doing this, and pose it more in the form of wanting you both to be able to find closure to this unfortunate incident. He may have been dabbling in smoking weed or something and was not himself. Did he drink or smoke dope or other drugs, do you know at the age he was when this occurred? I find that healing occurs most often between the people that incidents of abuse occurred. Think about this as one option.. Another of course would be to talk to the family, but it is you and he that need healing, not your parents.
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