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Victim of munchausen syndrome

As a child I was victimized by my mother, I believe she has Münchausen syndrome (but she will never admit to it). As a Child 5-13 I was taken to hundreds of different doctors and put on countless medications because she thought something was wrong with me. Every time it was out of my control because I was not of legal age to disagree with the doctors.

My most recent misdiagnosis was Klinfelters syndrome. This was in 2005 when she wondered why I was not starting puberty. I never believed I had it because I did not show any other physical characteristics, just delayed puberty - which is why I was diagnosed with it. Funny though, I was never actually genetically tested for it.

But anyways, I found out yesterday I was diagnosed incorrectly... after 5 years of taking prescribed testosterone treatment, last week I got genetically tested for it and I came out negative. So I don't have it, and my dad has wasted $4000 over the past 5 years paying for a medication I never needed - because of my mother.

After finding this out I looked at all my records. After digging for awhile I looked to the very back and found that At age 6 I was diagnosed with Bipolar, and then at age 7 Autism??????? Among a lot of other ridiculous things, but in comparison those two are the worst. I wasn't even aware of this until yesterday. Or I completely forgot about it, the last thing I remember medically at that time in my life, is getting my tonsils removed at that was when I turned 8.

I am completely outraged as to what my mother has stamped me with. It has caused quiet a lot of problems with what I am currently trying to accomplish in school. I want to work for the airlines but with my false history that will be impossible. I have never wanted to do anything else in my life more then I want to fly.

Right I am learning how to fly.... and I am going to college, I build computers... and I have an active social life. I am pretty damn sure I am not autistic. I am a perfectly normal functioning human being. I am emotionally stable with no medication - I have never taken bipolar medication. And acording to my dad, my grandma, my friends, and my family physician - I am normal. That being said, I think I should have all these outraged statements and labels removed from my records because they are inaccurate... and if anything, they will cause more problems in the future. Not to mention completely kill my career.

What are the steps I need to take?
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hey bookback you are a success, you are normal ' you are happy.,you are indeed a whole human being, I am uncertain about being labeled but as you say I am sure that you can do something to remove the stigma that these, erroneus illness's put on you , others here may have answers, I would say Google to see how you can go about it ...Good luck your life is about to begin ...
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bookback,  your post is a little confusing.  From looking at your age and your details in your post,  you were 15 and still had not begun puberty.  That's delayed,  and the treatment for that is testosterone treatments.  So regardless of the diagnosis it sounds like the treatment was correct for what you had.

I've never seen a doctor remove tonsils on the mother's insistence that there is a problem.  There had to actually BE a problem with the tonsils,  and I think most kids have their tonsils removed.  

Your story is very curious - I've never heard of a child being diagnosed at age 6 with something like BiPolar Disorder - with no other input except the mother.  They won't even diagnose a child with ADHD without teachers and coaches and others corroborating the home life story.  Same thing with Autism.  The doctor would have had to test you for it, or have a teacher's input also,  before stamping you with this.  

Your story is distressing.


1.  There was corroborating evidence  


2.  You can sue this doctor for malpractice.  Your mother would not be allowed to drive this whole thing without outside evaluations and recommendations unless your pediatrician is unfit to practice.

Best wishes.  Pilots are the such wonderful people,  and so imaginative,  I wish you well in pursuing this path.
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We do see similar stories here where children are labelled and given meds they dont need , I ma glad you put your story up here for us to see, I believe what you ghave siad here, its great you have gone on to be a flyer and the fact that all the other people in your life see you as Normal is all the proof you will need.... good luck to you
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bookback, I think at this point you just focus on moving forward.  You're doing really well and that is awesome.  I'd think of your future and try to put the past behind you.

I understand that you want to clean out your medical file, but I don't know how you do that.  I will say that I doubt that a future employer will take the simple diagnosis of bipolar and autism at age 5 through 7 as means to not hire you.  You have no history beyond that simple entry into your file.  You can tell them that you have no idea why that is in there as you've never been treated for it.  You'd be happy to undergo any mental health or developmental evaluation that they'd like.  But I am thinking this will not come up.  Try not to worry about it.

Live life to the fullest and be the success you are destined to be.  
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Pubertal age can vary widely among normal people. An ex-roommate was 17 when she first got her period and her mother was 18. Had they been male, puberty would have probably have occurred a little later. One of my grandsons is entering puberty late - 15 and no strong signs. He takes after his father's family. Latins and Middle-Easterners are usually early. Some Hungarians and orientals I have known have developed quite late.

There is a big difference between "late puberty" and "delayed puberty." I should think a doctor would investigate the family before dosing with pills.
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By the way, you are a victim of "Munchausen by proxy." It would be "Munchausen" if your mother fabricated illnesses for herself. Why did your father allow your mother's behavior?

You might ask a lawyer if you have any recourse.
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