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What Is This Relationship Between Father & Daughter?

I just broke up with a man I was seeing for the last three months. He has two daughters, 15 & 11. The 15 year old began lying about me to sabotage the relationship. The 11 year old is absolutely attached to my hip. She and I are very close and I love her as if she were my own child.
The final straw was being asked to leave a few nights ago. The next day, the 15 year old announced at dinner that the food I cooked was nasty. Then asked her father “what time did you get home last night?” He mumbled something and she said “what time did you come get in my bed?” I was shocked. He came home from the bar and got into bed with his 15 year old daughter when there was nobody else home after kicking me out for the night.
That’s not the first time. She has announced he came into her room and slept in her bed before, and he admitted it, always with some excuse. I know of at least four occasions.
They are extremely touchy-feely with each other. She puts her arms up around his neck and strokes his hair and whispers in his ear in a very flirtatious and sexual manner. She always has to be right beside him all over him. He allows it and does nothing to stop it. They both completely ignore myself and the younger sister when they are in that flirtatious mood and it goes on for hours.
I’ve seen him smack both daughters on the bottom flirtatiously when they have bent over to pick up something.
I’ve found his used underwear and pants together in the 15 year old’s room as if they were taken off in there and her panties in his bathroom numerous times. The girls never use his bathroom when I’m there.
Last week she said she wanted a new headboard because hers is “loud.” And she moved it back and forth in a manner that is only done during sex.
She sees a phychiatrist once a week for problems related to depression.
I think there is something terribly wrong here. What is going on? What do I do?
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It isn't possible to determine exactly what's going on, but it is clear that there are some inappropriate behaviors happening.  A father should not be sharing a bed with his teenage daughter.

Stay broken up, and block his phone number, and don't look back.  This isn't a situation that is going to fix itself, nor can it be explained away.  If it is later revealed that something is going on and you knew (or should have known), it could come back to haunt you.

Second, if you have a feeling that sexual (or any other) abuse is occurring in the home, you can anonymously report to child protective services and let them determine whether the evidence is enough for them to start an investigation.   I can tell that you care about the girls and are genuinely concerned about the situation, so if you make the call, you'll at least feel confident that you did everything you could do.
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