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domestic violence question

This morning my EX fiancé choked me, slapped me, hit my head, and banged my head against the wall. I have a bruise on my chin and slightly on my neck and my lip is cut open a swollen. My question is should I see medical attention or are the following symptoms basic side effects from being choked and slapped: my ears hurt, my face aches, my neck hurts especially when I swallow and my head is killing me. Please help, I really don't want to go to the hospital and have to relive that again.
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Yes,  those are all expected symptoms of what you endured.  

If you don't have money to seek medical attention,  I'm not sure it's needed in this situation,  except to document the abuse.  Have you photographed your bruises and cut lip?

More importantly,  do you really mean "EX fiance"?  
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I hope as well that you're firm on the "ex" part. My first husband was abusive to all the women in his life, his wife before me, myself and after me. The only difference between us is those that went to the police, or those that let him off scott free. I'm not happy to report, i am in the latter category. I sure wish now i had of gone to the police station and stated my case.

Have you thought about going to the police? At least for a restraining order?
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I'm afraid you're going to be "reliving" this experience whether you go to the hospital or not. Have you considered a restraining order ? or having him charged for abusing you?
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(didn't think the first comment went through) BTW, i'm really sorry that this has happened to you and i hope that you're extra vigilant not to continue to date anyone that shows signs of over aggressive behavior. You have to ask yourself, were there any red flags of signs that i should have gotten out of this relationship before this happened?
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I would go to the ER.  You could have a concussion, and while probably not serious, it is something you don't want to fool with.

Good Luck
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I agree with JulioG. Safety first.
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