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help please

please help. i have just been told by my daughter that her 10 year old son was found naked with her 5yr old daughter , also naked,simulating the sex act. when asked about this, he said he had see it on the internet and was copying, he had, apparently done this a few times before with his sister. My daughter and her husband are seperated, and share custody of their sone (one week at home and one week with his father) Could this mean that my grandson has been sexually abused himself.
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It could.  But, it could also mean the boy is telling the truth about seeing it on the internet.  Children can access anything on the internet - just the same as adults.  Kids need a lot of supervision with the internet - even searching for their favorite cartoon character or video game can lead them to pornographic websites or websites with pornographic ads.  You can try to push further to find out if he's been abused - but if you push too hard you may start to get inaccurate answers because he'll try to make the discussion end one way or another.  I'd recommend finding out where on the internet he has been (easily done by checking the history of the internet browser he's used).  Take a look at the sites and see if it matches up with what he's been claiming and doing.  If his story matches up (which I have a strong feeling it will), then it's time for his parents to make a concerted effort to monitor what he's doing on the computer and to install a parental control software onto their computers.
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it could mean allot of things, probably he is telling the truth, a neighbor of mine was teling me that her 4 yr old daughter came home from kindy and showed her how to do pole dancing, including many illicit acts.
children see so much and they soak everything up.
but if there is the smallest inceling of doubt about his saftey, i would personally do everything in my power to stop it, take him to a psicaitrist, and ask for some advice.
also i know it may be hard with young children, but dont leave him alone with his young sister, on any curcimstance at all. this could be damaging to her aswell.
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I would find out who has been allowing him so much freedom on the internet to be able to get really graphic pis up,someone has allowed it thats for sure ,I would ask your daughter to find out if he has seen them at his fathers house,and any other house he may go to, ant friends, babysitters . Speak to him firmly and it should be made sure that the younger child is not alone with him ...it may also be a good thing for your daughter to ask for guidance .
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wow scary.  I would get him some counseling,  find out what this is all about.
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First off you need to notify both parents about what you found and what he said about the internet.  This kid is not being supervised and I suspect it would be Dad's internet.  The child needs counseling NOW to get his head into a healthier place, and involved in sports and activities that are appropriate for his age.  If you don't find the kind of protective parents when you notify them, then it is time to involve Children and Youth Services to get this problem ironed out satisfactorily.  Don't play games with this.  This is serious.
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