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1st i started getting rashes small bumps on my face a few months ago, washed my face a lot because i thought it was dirt and applied johnsons baby lotion that my mum got from america 3 years ago, they weren't itchy at 1st but a few weeks later began getting itchy so applied witch hazel, surgical spirit  that i found in the cupboard don't know how long they've been there for and a-derma spray my sis got from france when she had chicken pox there, then my skin on my forehead started getting flaky where the bumps where, then on the bus there was a man wearing a hat and underneath his hat it looked like something had eaten his skin as i could see blood and raw flesh, white patches on his head that looked like vertiligo as he was black i was scared if this was what was happening to me ): i also thought i saw flakes floating from him on me so i moved away. A few days i saw bumps where spreading from my neck to my chest, a few days before now i found bumps behind my ears and on my shoulders, i feel prickly itchy crawling feeling everywhere on my body even where there are no bumps!. i also ordered clothes from ebay that were from china and japan and tried them on without washing, could i have caught anything from them as i've never had allergies, now i feel then on my  eyelashes and soles of feet and palm which never had before, i still get the occasional flaking now between my fingers and palms mostly on my right, before the flaking moved from my forehead to bit of my cheeks. I itch mostly when i'm at home and in the 1st period of school after that i don't but when i get home it begins and never stops, i noticed i have more cracks on my nipples than before, my head itches the most and when i scratch i see white flakes or could they be dandruff though i'm not sure as before i had these simples i had dandruff but they were brown and white not just while like now. Also on my hair line white sticky out thin solid bits growing from my scalp. I'm really scared please tell me what is wrong with me. i went to the gp and he said the bumps may be an allergic reaction which i doubt! and the flaking could be a fungi infection and he gave me ketopine shampoo, which i think made the itching worse and moved the flaking away from my forehead to other parts of my body and face ! ):. Also sometimes when i peel the bumps while scratching white solids come out :/. Mum said it could be something i ate as sugar can dry the skin, i also began eating microwaveble food around the time it started could it have been the cause, im not sure as so many things could have caused it, it could even be me using the computer too much could it? :/.. Thanking you in advance!...imm soooooooooooooo itchy i wana cry...oh yeah there was some flaking on my lips and around my mouth and my lips seem drier than usual. Could it be bedbugs, mites, allergies, what could it be!...
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you could have impetigo. It is a staph infection that causes bumps at first then sores that are open they itch and burn and spread like wild fire. If it is a staph infection you could have picked it up from a grocery cart, doorknob, or anywhere.
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