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Accutane is giving me severe headaches?

Has anyone ever experienced this before? I just started accutane (Claravis) 40 mg once daily. I took the first pill and a tension headache started about 40 mins later. This just got worse, no response to ibuprofen. I thought okay maybe not the drug and took the next pill. Headache got even worse the next day. I couldn’t even watch tv it was so painful. I contacted my doctor who told me to stop for a few days and start up again. When I started up again, same thing happened with a sever tension headache. What is going on!! I really thought I wouldn’t have bad side effects and no one else seems to have this one....
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Hey, how is this going?  Accutane is hard to take.  I'm aware. Head pain is listed as a side effect along with a host of other things. It can cause neck ache as well which leads to a tension headache.  What did you end up doing?  I wonder if there is an alternative to Accutane you could try!
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Hello. I have been experiencing the same thing. Today is my second day on Accutane, at the moment I have a little headache as well too, The first day I took it I had a really bad headache !. I did not do anything about it nor did I think it was because of the pill, okay maybe that thought did cross my mind but I am really hoping it's not because I really do not want to stop the pill since I want my skin to clear up.
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Since headache is listed on the side effect profile and you began with a headache almost immediately when starting Accutane, it would make sense they are or were involved.  Always best to let your doctor know if you experience a side effect that is not manageable when starting a new product or medication.  And headaches are problematic to daily life. So, if you have an update for us, please share.
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