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Acne Problem

My regular Dr put me on Minocycline 100 mg I been taking that  for about 2 weeks my face looks horrible she wanted to try me on this before she sent me to a dermatologyst I was having female problems with my period and she put me on Medroxypr ac 10 mg that has helped me !
I also have tryed several creams from acne free to nuetrogena to clean and clear advanced solutions
also things in between like aveeno and olay creams nothing seems to help and I been getting alot of white heads and some black heads!

I just need some advice on what to do ?
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I'd suggest the following:

(For my own acne)

I use the BezaClin, It's great, does dry out your skin a bit, but if used lightly it will give you the effects your going for.

Do not try Proactive- Been there, done that-Seen all the info- commercials till i almost ran in debt- Just kidding (Those things work for some people, and others they don't)

I also take an antibiotics, Forget the name of it. But it is a sulfar base, twice daily, in the morning and one at night. I haven't had any bad side affects to date.

Another thing,

Try buying an alcohol base anti-oil thingy. Heck, it's so late here. I can't remember, Agh, yes Antiaginic i think. I will have to use the google. (ONE SECOND)

agh well, I messed up, all i've found says alcohol is bad for the skin.


oh well,

so sorry.

But the Benzaclin is a charm

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Please do a little research online in regard to the possible side effects of taking Minocyline.  My 18 year old daughter took Minocycline for acne for 3 months, became very, very sick and was diagnosed with drug-induced autoimmune hepatitis as a result of the Minocycline.  This is a very serious illness, and, in hindsight, was not worth the cost.
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I would give the Minocin at least another couple of weeks before you give up on it. Also, when you say 100mg, I take it you mean that is your total daily dose. Its quite possible that you may need to take 100mg twice a day for it to be effective, particularly if your acne is severe or cystic. You may also want to discuss with your Doctor about using a prescription topical medication such as BenzaClin or Differin while on the oral antibiotics.
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