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Hi. I;ve been using Murad acne products for a few years now, but I always seem to have ance. And I'm considering changing the products I'm currently using.  But I was wondering is it best to stick with one brand for a cleaser, toner and mositerzier or can I  maybe use different brands? Thanks
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I would stick to one brand where possible as the products often work together ie the cleanser and exfoliator prepare the skin for the moisturiser.
Murad products are quite harsh so your skin must be strong and oily, meaning you are unlikely to suffer sensitivity from using a new skin care regime.
Clinique make a good range for blemish prone skin including cleanser, soap, chest and back spray, treatment gel and post blemish formula.
Have you thought about asking your doctor for oral acne medication to use in addition to your topical regime? Oxytetracyline tablets can be very useful and if you are female an anti-androgen contraceptive pill like Yasmin or Dianette can help.
Loiloi xx
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It is best to stay within one brand as the products are designed to work together without irritation.  Murad products are not harsh.  What we have found is that many people see compelling testimonials and think about how quickly it could clear them if they only have a few breakouts.  Murad Acne Complex is intended for those with moderate to severe breakouts.  Many times, breakouts are triggered by clogged pores, stress and using acne products when really a less aggressive approach is more appropriate.

All Murad products are made with antioxidants, anti inflammatories and hydrators to help sooth and calm the skin.  

If you aren't sure about whether Acne Complex is right for you, call us!

Melissa with Murad.
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