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Acne Scars?

Hey, i recently broke out horrible (november). I have never had acne before and this was a big shock to me. My skin was in very bad shape, so i started using pro active to soon realize that it only made my acne worse. So i stopped using it and have been using clearasil daily face wash as well as the vanishing cream(since March). Also i completely changed my makeup to mineral makeup to help my skin breath. It has been working, slowly, but now i want to know how to get rid of the nasty huge scars the acne has left on my skin. Everyone says to use coco butter, but i want to know if anyone else knows a safe way to really help my skin out.
i have sensitive skin, so i need to always be cautious about the stuff i use on my skin!

you can help i would be forever grateful!
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Hi. Over the counter acne products tend to be of limited benefit. See your doctor for a prescription strength gel such as Differin (adapalene 0.1%). This is generally well tolerated by patients with sensitive skin. I recommend using this in conjunction with a bland cleanser called Physiological Cleansing gel by La Roche-Posay (available online).
A course of oral antibiotics such as Erythromycin may also be necessary to kill acne-causing bacteria on the skin.
Female acne patients will benefit from taking the combined oral contraceptive pill as the oestrogen it contains blocks the action of androgens -the hormones responsible for acne.
Most acne scarring is superficial and will fade within a year. Stubborn scars can be treated by lasers or a chemical skin peel. Cocoa Butter is a bit greasy so I wouldn't use it while you still have acne,
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thats wat happens when u pop a zit, so stop- trust me if you get a pimple slap a band-ade over that badboy. Acne scars actualy go away on there own, but if you mess with it then it wont heal. Dont pick at it and put little or no acne medication on it. Trust me, it might take along time to get rid of it but its the best way. And a tip- when ur in the shower wash your face with warm water and then apply face wash- after that, turn your water to cold and run ur face under there for 30 sec, the worst thing u can do is use hot water.
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thank you so much, ill deff try all this out!
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