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Acne and Waxing

Okay so I got the greek genes and have a mass amount of hair on my back.  My girlfriend and I thought we would try waxing it( We used cold wax and the hair was easily an inch long, needless to say it hurt more putting the damn wax on) .  She's never had a problem with it, and I just thought it would be funny to do (because I don't think half the time).  Anyways we did it, and without reading precautions.  Right afterwards we went for a bike ride and when we came back, my skin was all irritated so she put moisturizing lotion on it (Another big mistake).  Now I am broken out on my back like a teenage boy going through puberty.  I have easily over 50 pimples  and I have no idea of how to get rid of them.  I'm showering twice a day to try and keep it free of sweat.  FYI I don't get acne.  This isn't something I'm prone to.  What do I do?
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I'm sure by now your rash has gone but for the future use a hair removing cream for sensitive skin, the best ones come with a cream to apply afterwards to prevent irritation.
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