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Acne and burning skin

45 year old male, my skin burns and breaks out, with almost any clothing I try to wear. I've only found a few shirts, pants (sweat pants) socks shoes etc. that don't do this to me. Regardless of what the tags say they are made from.

The few clothes I do have, that don't make me break out burn or itch, are, cotton or a cotton polyester blend. Most all cotton or cotton blend make me break out and burn. Don't know why the few I have found to wear don't do that.

I also wind burn very easly, weather the air is cold or warm.

I have to take a multiple enzyme pill everyday, Or I start burning and breaking out no matter what I wear.

I have to wash my hair with special shampoo (Cre-C) other wise I get massive dandruff and sores on my head.

I have had crones disease for 30 years, and was recently diagnosed with IBS chronic constipation. I also have a rectal prolapse to some degree.

My skin breaks out mostly, on my face, back shoulders upper arms and legs, and center of chest. Mostly red splotches, sometimes with a white head filled cap on them.

I have had these type reactions for as far back as I can remember, they seem to get worse as I get older. Please help, I'm very depressed. And need to be able to at least find clothes to wear.

Thanks, Tim
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