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Acne and depression

I have been suffering from acne on and off since I was 14. Ever since puberty, I have shied away from the camera. Its been horrible. I just got in touch with a dermatologist this year. I am currently on antibiotic. I have noticed my perspective on life has changed a great deal the past while. I have held off taking meds for my skin for ages. I grew up wanting to be fit and healthy like my role model Arnold Schwarzenegger. I eat healthy, I workout, I do marathons in the summer, and yet, I am still plagued with acne. It has been psychologically damaging to myself esteem, my social life, and has even affected my work life. People have begun to notice and I am scared to lose my job. Life has seemed quite futile and bleak. It was only just over 2yrs ago that I was on here posting about a herpes/std scare. Nothing ever turned up. One doctor told me I was OCD - depressed. I was given meds and told to go to the hospital for treatment. I am doing my best to keep positive but, I got so much going on at the moment. It all seems so overwhelming. I have given up so many great tasting foods and I can't grow facial hair cause, it will irritate my skin causing breakouts. The current antibiotic I take is quite helpful but, I know its not the solution. I am not willing to go on a wild goose hunt. I have been trying forever. After this, I am going to use accutane. I am a little scared cause I am currently depressed. Some days, I don't even want to get out of bed. Its actually most days I feel like this. I am usually a happy person. Just the last couple months, I feel horrible. My body is always sore, I am always feeling lethargic and run down. I am always feeling ill. I am not sure what else I should be doing. It ***** to cause, when things seem to not get any worse, something horrible seems to come up. This fear of losing my work is horrible now. I am sure, it isn't helping my skin.
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I am so sorry to hear what you've had to go through. I know how devastating it is to wake up to look at a reflection you are not happy with and how it affects every area of your life. I went through the same thing, and currently am just coming out of another bout of acne. You know what mine was from? Overwashing and exfoliating! I have always been uber-strict with my washing regimen because I never again wanted to go through what I need in middle school and the trauma that came with acne. For years I was clear, balanced and glowing and all I did was wash with mild soap and a little baking soda fonce in a while. Sometimes just water. Then, one day I decided to try a CLA supplement for its weight-loss benefits, and the oils in it threw my whole pH off balance, breaking me out all over my face. Naturally I figured extra cleansing and exfoliating would keep things in control while the supplements left my system. Well, before I knew it, I was red, raw, superdry and tight, and oils were being rapidly produced to compensate. Seeing the oil scared me, so what would I do? Wash. And it has taken me weeks to realize excessive washing was what perpetuated the problem. Had I let my skin heal on its own from the CLA in the beginning, I would've saved myself weeks of humiliation and the painful reminder of what it was like for me in middle school.
I guess my point is, listen to your skin. Are the meds and creams really helping or just causing more irritation? What is your skin type? Do you truly have oily skin, or just skin that's trying to hydrate itself and bring you into balance? There are many, many acne sufferers who cleared up as soon as they cut back on all the harsh treatments. They realized their skin was just trying to balance itself all along.
If you are passed the puberty stage and can be certain your diet's not the cause, really investigate if the treatments you are using are what you need.

Just remember there are so many out there going through the same thing as you are there IS hope. This won't last forever.
All the best.
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See, I don't even know what my skin type is or how bad my acne is. Its not severe but, its light sometimes, it gets bad with inflamed pimples like deep and under the skin. Its only spots in a place usually around the same region. I prefer not to use moisturizer unless I must which in case, I tend to use aloe vera. I am assuming sensitive but, acne prone and light/moderate acne. Then again, cystic acne isn't light nor is it moderate or is it? Its usually like one bad inflamed pimple. It clears up and then the cycle repeats itself. Its very damaging to myself esteem.

I get anxiety over this. I am concerned about my work environment and other parts of my life being affected by it. I am doing my best to coop with everything going on. The antibiotic has been helpful and the topical has been the best thing I have ever used. My fear is that, it is only temporary. Its horrible right now. I feel like I could use a friend and a life preserver but, its when everything seems to get more difficult. Its awful but, I know others have had it worse. I seen photos of other celebs struggling with acne. Seen photos of sever cases of acne. I am not sure how I would deal with that situation or horrible acne scars.

I hope this goes away else, I will be using accutane.
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It sounds like your doing many things to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I would encourage you to go four steps further:

1. have a skin or blood test to determine if you have allergies (like to yeast or gluten since you have signs of lethargy and soreness)
2. have a blood test to determine if you are deficient somewhere in your system (like Vit. D deficiencies are linked to depression)
3. begin to take a multivitamin; Vitamins A, Bs, C, D, E, and Fish Oil are all skin-friendly
4.  stay hydrated at all times with plenty of water (no sugary drinks) and quality facial moisturizers.

I offer this advice from similar personal experiences.  My best to you.
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Thanks for your response. I do take a multi vitamin. I workout around 6days a week, do martial arts a couple times a week, cardio, and I eat healthy. I am taking so many different health products and supplementing where I am weak or in need of nutrients. My macro and micro nutrients are superb. I eat quite healthy, 6pac abs, muscular but, still lean. It bothers me to battle acne into my mid to late 20s. I took and finished a antibiotic reluctantly. I am going to go back to supplementation as I stopped during the antibiotic. I heard from the pharmacist that I could used my supplements though, I researched that, things like iron and other micro nutrients could effect the antibiotics absorption. It ***** taking a pill 2hrs after a meal and or 1hr before eating. Still, whatever it takes to get clear skin.

I am using a topical and I just completed using a antibiotic. Not sure which one. I threw out the container but, I could find out. I am taking fish oils. I heard omega 3s are helpful. I am watching 6s cause, I hear they can cause acne bacteria. I also don't intake dairy, milk, yogurt, etc.

In the last couple days, I recently noticed pain around my left testicle. God, I am hopeful this is something not serious. I haven't had a physical in years. I prob should real soon. I got an appointment with my doctor friday. I hope its okay and maybe at worse case scenario, related to the medication or something. I am a little scared. I knew a guy who had cancer and had his testicle removed at such a young age. I think this is worse case scenario. Does anyone know if this could be related to an antibiotic? I doubt it? I wonder if a slept awkwardly or something. Its an uncomfortable feeling but, not a horrible pain. I haven't had a hernia before. Its an awkward and uncomfortable feeling around the left testicle and pelvis/groin region.
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I don't know what to do any more. I tried everything I can in terms of organics, healthy eating, diets to proactive, oxy, etc till, I settled with antibiotics + a topical. It seems, my acne is under control now but, worse, I think I have scarring now.

:( I honestly feel like putting a gun to my bead. Its been on going since puberty. Cystic acne. Nodules, pustules, and so on. I get rid of something and then it comes back. Nothing has worked before like this antibiotic/topical combo. I am happy with this success but, ****, i would prefer acne then scarring.

Someone, please help me with advise. I am pretty depressed atm. I didn't squeeze or do anything. It dawned on me that its been 4wks now, and I still have this redish brown makr where the cyst was. I don't have medical coverage nor do I want to go through chemical peels or lasers but, I will do whatever it takes to just live a healthy normal life. Worst, I still haven't heard back from my doctor about a specialist. It wont surprise me if he even bothered to put in the request. I am calling 2mw and if he hasn't made an attempt, I am getting a new doctor. If he put me on a specialist, I could have been getting help. I heard there is a small window to fix issues and sometimes, its just pigmentation and healing process needed but, ****, I didn't eat ****** foods or greesy foods. I cut out everything from pizza, pop, juice, sugar, high salt foods, and snacks, candy, chocolate, and so much to prevent this but, here I am still with this. Not sure what to do.

I need a doctor to prescribe me a specialist, dermatologist right? What alternatives can I take? I am so fed up with my doctor right now, I usually just go to the walk in clinic cause, they are more helpful then my current doctor. I seriously just think he doesn't give a ****. Oh and when you visit him, he says, "you can only ask one Question?" My uncle has a heart condition and he told him, "there is nothing more I can do for you. Your stuck?" WTF kind of doctor tells someone that or treats them like that?
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I been through these obstacles, have you tried this.

Apple cider vinegar, apply to face as a daily wash, do not use a razor or electric razor, try buing a beard trimmer, a beard trimmer gets a close shave but not enough to penetrate skin. Use a aspirin mask twice a week. Stop drinking regular milk, try non dairy. This may work for you. PM me if you have any more questions.
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Acne ruined my life! Especially my teenage years. I have been on topical s, antibiotics and proavtiv. Thats when I decided to go on Accutane. I support it because I have no more acne! Some people say to use "Natural Remedies" but realistically, they don't work for people who have real acne.
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My husband and I only started having acne problems when we started taking some nutritional / workout supplements.  Idk if this could be your problem but ours cleared pretty good after we stopped.  Sometimes our body just doesn't agree with what we are putting in it.
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