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Acne hindering depression relief

I am 27 years old and have been battling Acne since I was 12. I have been on everything under the sun and spent thousands of dollars I do not have on credit cards trying to get my skin under control. I have been treated with Mino, tetra, doxy oral meds. Clindo, erythro, tazorac, retna-A regular and micro, gel benzole products, pro active, and accutane. I was most pleased with the accutane treatment which lasted about three years of bliss. I have tryed to go to my derm. Dr. and plead to try it again but to no avail. I am currently being treated for depression that was not relieved by paxil or prozac. After a blood test it was found Effexor XR would be the right treatment. It has helped me so much with a new interest in life, not hiding in my home and dry heaving every time I stepped out of the house. I can talk to people now and not be afraid. I am so thankful. Unfortunately I still have Acne trouble and am hiding and ashamed when it flares. My friends and co-workers do not understand my change in mood and behavior and why I hide in my office when normally now I would be out joking, going to lunch, and smiling. Right now I am using the tazorac with ivory soap and a mild toner for my face. I have 8 red-inflammed leasions on my face right now and darks scab looking reminders of the last flare (about 4). My skin look like I am 50 because it is dry and wrinkly. I dont know what to do. My obbession with my face is ruining it, I try to strip the dry skin off and end up with skin tears that hurt and leave marks. I also drink lots of water, take omega 3 fish oil, vitamin A fish liver oil, and steam my face once a week. When I do not have these large inflammed acne, I have whiteheads trapped under my skin. I know I have to control my obsessive picking on my face and have been trying so hard, but sometimes when I am not happy with my skin I make it worse, I cant control my picking and digging some days! I am in cognitive therapy for this. I just wish my derm dr. would see that I need a treatment that doesn't make it worse before it gets better and realise I might be a bit obsessive with my face, but to just help me so I can just feel better like I did those three years and stop this rollercoster ride. I feel good mentally and just want my looks and confidence to match. To be a whole person for once.
Please help me with honest reply and suggestions. I am aware with the flaws I do to myself and my skin (picking NO NO! ) and possible overkill but this is what I was told to do. I just want help and will take any whether its mixed with contructive critisim or not. Thank you
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im a 15 year old guy from scotland so forgive me if my english isn`t the best..  

Ryley.. im here to save you..  Put down your fish oil and listen up..

I was on antibiotics (from the doctor) for about a total of 2 years and none of them really made any difference to my facial spots..   The only REAL things that i found that works are :

-  acne free in 3 days   -     it sounds a bit OTT,  can remember thinking to myself  "yeah right all my acne gone in 3 days??  what are u domented??"  well.. it woks VERY well..  it got rid of basically all my spots and left me with about 4 or 5..  yep..  amazing init??  

-  Also for the remaining spots i had left i followed these steps twice a day :

1  )  i have a shower (as hot as i can handle), and make sure i get alot of water on my face.. (to open pours).
2  )  i dry myself off but DONT dry off my face..
3  )  i SHAVE  (yes twice a day , dont know why it works but it does)
4  )  Then i apply some Neutrogena Visibly Clear Rapid Clear Treatment..  If its working it should be excruiciating but by the morning you will be amazed by the effect it has on your skin..  

These remedys have been used on cronic sufferers of acne and they all believe it works amazingly..  

yes im 15.. arn`t i amazing??


Good Luck

Michael Clark - Scotland  (UK)  
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Damn, forgot to mention..  the spot cream stuff helps with wrinkles too, kinda tightens them up and reduces them..

hope it works out for you.
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Thank you for your reply, I have been checking back here every couple hours pleading that someone has left me some advice and comfort. I even spent more money I dont have to post a question to the Doctors on this site and havent recieve a response. I will check out the site you suggested. I'm just curious if your 15 why you would notice wrinkles? No offense but well even though I had acne and was treated with harsh drying agents at that time I still wasn't noticing wrinkles. I am just worried because I have been shamefully lured to buy more acne item because of my despiration thru forum sites like this where companys sign up as a "common acne sufferer" to promote their products. I am in the end out more money and still very sad and hurt with my results. I dont mean to offend, but if you are like me and millions out there who have been in this and still are in this situation, you may understand my weary demenor.
Thank you and Like i said I will research your ideas.
Wish you happyness and peace
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I am a 24 year old female who has just recently started suffering from acne in adulthood, I also suffer from depression as well. I am on prozac and 200 mg doxycycline and then 10% benz peroxide lotion and retinA cream. I have been taking it for about 1 month now and still am breaking out along with having really dry flaking skin.
         My brother suffered from pretty severve acne and was put on accutane. His results were amazing and have stayed that way for years. But if you ask him about it he will tell you he hated the experience and now even to this day his hands dont produce oil are dry and cracked. While on Accutane he suffered from bloody noses and cracked bloody lips
         so my question to you is what were your side effects while on accutane as I am considering this as my next step. I also thought that Accutane kills your oil glands permanently so even after you`ve stopped taking it you would`nt get any more major acne problems.

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well maybe for some it may have that effect. I did have some undesirable side effects such as dry mouth and lips, dry eyes, and the worst was the headaches!! But to be honest I would put up with all of that again for three months in return for the relief and happiness I got from feeling I had for once beautiful skin. Granted I got one or two blemishes during "that time" or when not taking proper care of myself and experiencing stress. But to me I had perfect skin and had never felt so happy to wake in the morning and go to the bathroom to look in the mirror, and insted of avoiding it, I smiled at myself and my new face. My skin now is back to oily and breakout prone. Granted not as bad as before, but if your like me and have that skin you've always dreamed of given to you and then begin to notice signs of what once was..... you panic and become very afraid. I for one, am a huge advocate for accutane, and I fortunately have not experienced what your brother has. Unfortunatly as unhappy as I was about my acne and how fearfull I am of it returning I would gladly have dry cracked hands then the dreaded ruiners of lives and robbers of self esteem on my face.

Ps. as far as from what I have learned, Accutane does not permantly kill your oil glands it only slows/stunts oil production mechanisms of the Sebaceous glands.
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Accutane Info: Learn about Accutane, its dangerous side effects and the alternative treatments available. Information on the development, history and legacy of accutane. Read more on development, history and legacy of accutane.

Provide information on Accutane. Isotretinoin (the generic name for accutane) is used to treat the most severe and disfiguring cases of nodular acne. Most Doctors would only recommend this treatment only after all other forms of acne medication have been tried and proved unsuccessful.
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i know exactly what you're going though, i'm being treated for depression and anxiety...

& even though i'm only 15,
acne and bad skin has been apart of my life for as long as i can remember...

prozac is working well for me, but i feel like looking at my skin overpowers being happy....i think i look alright, but i don't see how i can feel good if i don't think i look good.

i've got no treatment for you, i simply take showers, and wash my skin all the time, i'm fed up with creams,pills and washes..it doesn't work for me and it never has.

it's not just a teenage thing, it's always been this way.

so you aren't the only one..
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I have moderate acne. But, I can relate to what you are saying, and feeling. I will avoid anything and everyone when I have a narly breakout. ITS SO DEFEATING! I am taking ancezine now and am in the "break out before it gets better" phase. Grrrr! I hate that. But I can say that my ZENO is like one of the best things in the world. I spare no expense on experimental acne products, and ZENO has been one of the best investments Ive EVER made. You feel something coming, and you literally put the Zeno on your new breakout and it can vanish in a day. My problem is I get WAY to obessive, like yourself. Youre meant to use the Zeno 2 times in a 24 hour period on one spot. YOU HAVE TO USE AS DIRECTED. I freaked out and put in on my face like 5 times in a day and made a horrible scar. It went away, but it took time. When controlled, the Zeno totally helps stop a nasty break out before it comes to surface. Anyways, your lovely, and Im sorry you suffer, eventaully we will find what works best for us, no worries!
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Dear Ryely, I can perfectly understand what u r going thru. Although I dont believe in miracles, I do know of a cure that has worked wonders for me. I've been suffering from acne form the age of 16, but now (i'm 22) my face has been completely cleared of all the zits. I too did go to many Derms and tried out many creams but to no avail. So, here's my remedy for u: I believe that zits r caused by clogged pores which gets infected with bacteria, so you've got to clear the pores from within, here's how u do it:
1) When you sweat, the dirt in the pores r forced out, this zaps the zits form within. So go out and run your *** off, run until u r drenched with sweat.Also u can wear warm clothes to make u sweat more. Have u ever seen an athlete with zits?Most sportspeople have smooth &clear skin, and the reason is they simply, SWEAT.(Make sure u wash ur skin after a cardio, else it can lead to blackheads and drink plenty of water, around 6 lts or so.This makes u sweat even more)

2)This is the second step of the magic treatment: STEAM, yes, u said you would steam once a week but thats worthless. I steam twice(10 min each session) every day. Facial steam has been used by the ancient Romans, Turks, and of course my fellow Indians. Steam opens the clogged pores and allows you to bust the zits. So, apply a cream which contains little or no chemicals(The key here is to stay natural) like aloe etc before steaming. If u dont know how to take a facial steam at home, then u can find info on google.

3) Water therapy: After steam, wash your face with plain H2O and then, fill your washbasin with water and keep your face submerged in it for 3-4 min.

4)Ice cubes: Try this out after following steps 1-3 above for a month or so. I find this effective in case the steam irritates your skin. Gently massage the ice on your face for a few seconds only.

Most important of all, are points 1-3. Follow them religiously and u will reap its benefits. As far as creams r concerned drop them from your regime. As I stated above apply only a natural product, once again if that irritates ur skin change it(i use an ayurvedic non greasy moisturiser).
A word of caution:It will take time to see results, be patient.

Well hope that helps, got to go take a steam bath.
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Hmmmm that sounds interesting, kelmel. Although I have to disagree with you on one point: I have seen atheletes with skin problems! :)

But besides that, it sounds like a good idea. I think I might try that. :)

I used to have perfect, beautiful skin utnil I moved from a dry, coldish area to a muggy HOT area. Then my face just exploded with acne! I'm still trying to keep it down, but what's worked for me is clindamycin (sp?). I really really like it; nothing else has worked for me. Right now, I'm on micro-retin-a gel every night, benza-clin (benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin) gel when I have flare-ups, and vitamin e oil after I put on my medicine at night.

Works for me, but I still do have flare-ups every now and then.

Good luck, ryley! And most important of all: *hug* I know you must be feeling miserable. But be cheery, life is easier when you pretend it is. :) Happiness is a state of mind!
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Hi!  I don't know if you are still checking this thread, but here is my advice on the subject.

Your derm will not put you back on Accutane because you are being treated for depression.  There is a correlation between Accutane and worsening of depression.  Are you a male or female (I am assuming male but I just wanted to be sure)?  I would tell you to stop using Ivory soap.  It sounds like your skin is drying out due to the soap and medication.  Also, you should get on a facial cleaning regimen of cleanser, toner, and *moisturizer* since your skin is dry.  Your oil glands may be over producing to try and put back the moisture in your skin that you are stripping away, which is why your skin is breaking out, and I think the wrinkles you are seeing is because your skin is too dry.  I know that Neutrogena has a men's line that is fabulous and Clinique also has  a great men's line that my boyfriend uses and loves.

Your obsessive picking and cleaning of your face might be aggravating it. I think if you are on a regimen that it would really help in addition to medication.  
Once your skin clears (in the future) there are things you can do to help with the scarring (fraxel lazer surgery - is wonderful:).  By the way, if you have a bout where you start to pick I would put some Neosporin to help the healing process.

Finally, try and enjoy your life, hun.  You are not alone in your struggle with acne.  I am 29 and have struggled with acne since I was 17 and I still get it.  My face finally cleared up, but it comes and goes with the amount of stress in my life.  Once I got it under control, I did the fraxel to got rid of most of my scars.  The best derm that I ever went to was down in South Florida and she told me the truth about my acne.   It is due to my hormones, and until my body chemistry changes, I will have to deal.  Her direct answer changed my whole mentality about my acne.  Instead of thinking there was a cure, I now understand that I just need to take care of my skin because there is no solution.  I was on Accutane twice, tazorac, retin a, differin, antiobiotics, benzol (which I am allergic too) and countless other products over the years.  If you were a woman I would say get on Estrostep, which has done wonders for my skin.  I also use Shishedo skin care regimen - It is expesive but absolutely great (you can get it at the mall macys or dillards).  They have a skin lightening line.  I religiously use the cleanser and moisturizer.  For a toner, I use rose water, which you can get at a health store or international food strore for 2 dollars.  In addition, I am on Tazorac and estrostep.  I still break out, but not so bad.   Best wishes... I know this is only a hurdle.  Please don't let the acne get in the way of you living your life:)  Stress really can cause a lot of the breakouts.    
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Dude, your entire probem is that you are obsessing about. Set a system of cleansing and benzoyl peroxide use combination like Pro activ and then go on with your life. Don't let the stress get to you (try going to meditation or yoga clasess) the problem is that the stress causes more toxins in your body than any food you eat.  I had really bad acne and I still went out and had a great social life because I would be so confident in other part of interactions with people I would forget about the acne.  I know its hard because you look at your face everyday all day. Try to visulaize a clear face (like get a picture of yourself when you didnt have acne and focus on it). The bottom line is you have keep yourself more occupied at something positive and productive and you will see a great improvement.
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Dude, read my thread "oils - against common wisdom".  Maybe you are like me, if so, stay away from oils (even omega3 in oil form).  They give me deep cystic acne and lots of whiteheads.  Also, accutane helped, but it is tough on your liver.  It can also be uncomfortable, dry lips and eyes, but just keep chapstick in your pocket.  It is a cure, and it slows or stops oil production.  I am living proof.  Good luck.    --- my dare is for you to stop all oil for one week, no cheese, no ice cream, no mayonnaise, no peanuts, if it says oil don't eat it, and no fried foods either.  My guess is that you would see unbelievable improvement.  What have you got to lose?
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I'm in exactly the same position as you so i hope you're still reading this site. I am 31 and have had acne since i was 11. I tried everything topical, anti-biotic and the contraceptive pill which were all ineffective. I took accutane (Roaccutane here in England) twice and my skin was great while i was on it but i relapsed both times. After my second relapse i was so depressed and anxious i was treated with Venlafaxine (Exeffor) and Diazepam (Valium). I believe that the depression was caused by the acne returning, not by the accutane. I am interested as to what extent the occurance of depression after accutane is related to relapse or is it the same for those whose treatment results in remission. All my negative thoughts are about my acne. I wonder what the negative thoughts of those who were cured by accutane but still developed depression are about? Love loiloi xx
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The guy who said you should drink water and run hit it spot on.. get up in the morning and run..if your fat do your best, the more you put in the more you get out.. eat whatever you want.. go to bed early.. get up... run... drink your water everyday... give it 3 months (of course wash your face as usual.. soap should be fine.. dont over do it, once in the morning once at night)... dont run on the weekends.. and dont pay anymore attention to your face.  Just know you look bad now, and know your are fixing it... your problem will be gone... after 3 months go to running 3 times a week.. but keep after the water and going to bed early.. Its free.. and its long term.. ha, lets just hope your still motivated to maintain it when it looks as healthy as it will
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