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Acne vs cold sore?

Hey quick question. This Saturday I felt some build up behind my upper lip like a pimple. Sunday I woke up and I had a red blotch there. I think it is because I grew my facial hair out long for the very first time, and oil and dirt accumulated on the hair because I have very oily skin which lead to that oil/dirt to clog one of the pours above my lip. Anyway it didn't form a whitehead like a normal pimple, it just stayed kind of red and inflamed, but didn't hurt at all unless I went out of my contort my lips. However Sunday night for a second it sort of tingled and I think some clear serous fluid leaked out. Monday it didn't feel inflamed at all and the redness started to dissipate. And today Tuesday the redness is just about gone. There were no blisters so I am assuming it's not a cold sore. However there was also no pimple so I just wanted to know if it was natural for a bacterial infection to act like that.
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Hi.  Well, truthfully, that sounds like a pimple to me.  Cold sores normally make a blister and scab that is flat.  You've seen people with them, I'm sure.  But I know when you are looking in the mirror, it is hard to tell.  Herpes simplex one is one of those things that such a huge percentage of the population has, up to 80 percent they say with many getting it in childhood, that you know, you always 'could' have that. But again, guessing pimple.  I'd just clean the area really good and see if anything else ever develops.  Probably won't. good luck
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Yeah that's what I thought as well. I haven't shared any drinks or food with anybody or kissed anyone either, so I don't really know how I would get a cold sore. Thanks for the feedback.
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