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I am almost 27 years old and I have acne that is pretty bad. I have quit drinking soda & started doing the proactiv system...first washing my face with a scrub, then an astrinigent, then moisturizer specifically for your face. The acne is bad, its down my neck and some on my chest and back. Any ideas? Help, thanks!
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Hi guys, New to forum. I am 37, female. Never really dealt with acne as a teen. In my 20's I had a problem with acne on my beck and chest. And now in my late 30's on my face YUCK!. Anyhow what I discovered works great on the back and chest is dandruff shampoo. I think it's the zinc in it. I remember reading something years ago. Anyhow I tried it and it really does work. I use head and shoulders for my body wash. Vey rarely I get a pimple on my back, chest, shoulder ect. I use to have tons. Hated summer . I haven't found the cure for my face yet. But I have in the last month or so been using good old strydex pads before bed. I have to say I have noticed a huge improvement. I'm sure it all depends on what's causing ones outbreaks. But let me telll you I have tried a ton of stuff on my face! Also I have read that yogurt works well for face break outs. I started using a bit of yogurt with almond milk for a mask. Leave on about an hour and wash off with cool water. As I said I have had good results with the strydex. But still get one or two around my period. Hope this helps...
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Hi Jennifer, I am now in my late thirties and have had acne for a few years now, although I never had it in my teens. I have tried so many different products and spent a fortune over the years. Thankfully I have now found a routine that works for me

1) Wash my face twice a day. Be sure to use something gentle; scrubs and strong cleansers can cause further irritation.
2) I use a lotion when my skin is really bad
3) Followed by an acne cream

Lifestyle - sadly does make a massive difference
* Drink lots of water
* take omega 3 supplements as they work to reduce inflammation
* avoid fatty foods and foods rich in omega 6
* avoid suggary foods
* Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables
* Ensure you have a good sleep pattern
* Allow relaxing times to avoid stress as much as possible

What works for one doesnt always work for another but I use the Aknicare range from a company called SkinMed and the products have worked wonders for me.

I hope that some of this will be of some help to you :)

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I guess I always thought to use a scrub on my face to get dead skin cells off & keep it from cloging pores.... I do wash my face twice a day though too with a cleanser & then the proactiv stuff. I wouldnt have a problem avoiding sugary foods, but fatty foods might be, but I have stoped drinking soad, like I mentioned earlier. The larger pimples I used to get are gone now for the most part, but now I have white heads and black heads and bumps. Dont get me wrong, some are still on my neck..IDK!!! lol, i hate it
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Try Max Clarity. It did wonders for my daughter. She saw a big change after one wash.
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Scrubing is not a wright technique to remove acne it damage skin permanent .Try out natural treatment it may take some time but provide best results in minimum investment
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Yeah I understand what you're saying about trying to get rid of the dead skin cells. It is difficult to get the right balance. I would try Aknicare's Gentle Cleansing Gel, as it will cleanse your skin without causing irritation.

Also, if you if you are exfoliating: only do it at night. As you are taking away a layer of skin effectively, you are leaving your skin vulnerable. And this is also a sure fire way to age your skin faster! Because you are exposing vulnerable skin to the elements.
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In the past  few days I have been washing my face with clean and clear and then the proactiv system and it seems to be making it better, not as many popable white heads. But, I still have bumps & the acne it actually getting worse on my back and shoulders. Any ideas for back and shoulders? cause i cant really get to that area easily..... thanks
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Ive never thought about yougurt before, but were you talking about eating it, or application? I am gonna try the mask you were talking about for my face, but although i have heard of, (something to the effect of...) the cultures in yougurt helping with the bacteria, i am lactose intolerant lol. thanks for the good ideas!!!
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Hey, Jennifer. I just do the mask. I don't know that eating it would help your skin. Although it is really good for lots of healthy reasons. I have read you can even just spot treat pimples with it. I don't know the mask seems to be working well for me. My skin feels great after. You can google yogurt for acne there are alot of different ways to use it.
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Sorry just saw the question about back and shoulders. Seriously try the dandruff shampoo. That was a miracle for me. My breakouts were really bad. I don't get any actual breakouts in those ares anymore. Maybe a stray pimple once in a while. I tried using it on my face but seems a bit harsh. Also different skin I guess. Good luck, let me know if anything helps :)
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The Aknicare lotion would work well but it would be difficult to apply. I have asked them before if they do a spray but they don't at the moment but are looking into one. Guess the dandruff shampoo is a cheap and easy to obtain :)
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