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I'm 11 weeks and I am getting acne.. I never had acne before I got pregnant.. What can I do to get rid of it that's safe for the baby? :\
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Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to get rid of it becasue it is due to the changing hormones in your body.

What you can do though is keep yur skin clean using mild lotions like Simple.  Have a healthy and varied diet with lots of fruit and veg and plenty of water and milk.

do you know the sex of your baby yet?  

Enjoy your pregnancy.

Best wishes.
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Hi there! Congratulations! I had BAD BAD BAD acne after my second. I tried stuff prescribed by two different dermatologists and nothing worked. I was told I'd have to schedule another doc visit after she weaned so that I could be put on something like Acutane. I was so demoralized. Seriously, my entire face (normally clear) had turned into a cystic acne disaster. It HURT.

I would normally never even consider trying anything that advertises via infomercial, but seeing how bad off I was, my cousin suggested I try Proactiv. I skeptically placed an order. Within a week of using just the cleanser and the lotion, my acne was noticeably better. By two weeks--all gone. I could not have been happier. I stopped using it months later and have remained acne-free.

So anyway, I just had to chime in on behalf of what seems like a Godsend for acne sufferers. It may not work for all, and please make sure it is safe for pregnancy, but do consider it :)

Happy pregnancy, take good care!
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I got pregnant, I'm now almost 30 weeks, and my skin looks amazing, but at first it looked awful I mean my skin went crazy.
Proactive didnt work for me, but a more affordable product yes to tomatoes, worked wonders.Good luck and Congrats mama!

It's worth a try!
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Hey!! Feeling very bad to hear that!!!
I think you should take some natural treatments which doesn't have any kind of side effects and you will feel healthy like applying honey on your skin or you may use olive leaf extract it may also help you a lot!!
All the best!!
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Hello Dear,
Sometime this will happen in pregnancy. Don't worry. After pregnancy your acne will removed. or if you want some home remedies then rub the tamato that will helps to remove acne.
Take care dear.
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