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I'm 13 years old and I have had acne for as long as I can remember. I think I may have started in 5th grade. I've tried everything (ProActive, Epiduo, Cetaphil, Clean & Clear, etc) but it doesn't clear up my skin completely and the acne just comes up week after week. My family members say that I also have to take care of myself and what I eat and my mom and I are taking care of that but my acne still doesn't go away. My skin is oily but I wash it throughtout the day and use a Clean & Clear cleanser in the morning and before I go to sleep. I use a treatment from Clean & Clear but, as I said, it doesnt clear my skin at all. It kind of just maintains it but I often have severe breakouts. I've tried natural facial scrubs, but they usually just irritate my skin and the pimples get worsened. If you have any suggestions as to what I can try, please reply because my mom is getting really worried about my skin and I would really appreciate the help.
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Okay so start off with eating a healthy diet. What you put in your body shows through your skin so if you're eating clean healthy foods your skin will show that but if you are eating junk food your face will start to look like that pizza you had. Next is getting all the toxins out of your body (they will cause acne). Drink atleast 8 glasses of water a day to flush them out and if you eat some junk food that day drink 2 glasses more (junk food and candy is okay in moderation just make sure you drink extra water to flush the toxins out).

Skin care: your skin needs a regimen that you stick to religiously. (I'll use mine for example that cleared my acne up within a few weeks).  I wash my face morning and night with a gentle facial cleanser (Cetaphil daily facial cleanser; found at Walgreens and Walmart). I also use a clairisonic to was my face but your hands will do (although they are amazing! You should really think about investing in one, I've had mine for 3 years and it works and looks like it was just purchased). Every time I'm done washing my face I use a toner (Stridex sensitive acne clearing pads) this helps remove any extra dirt/oil from the skin and treats acne with the salicylic acid it contains. Next would be a spot treatment for active pimples. There are two types: ones with salicylic acid and ones with benzoyl peroxide. I find benzoyl doesn't work for me so I use salicylic acid but your skin may react differently. My favorite spot treatment is the Estée Lauders Clear difference Targeted Acne Treatment (35 dollars). It clears the pimples up over night or something's two nights if it's a cystic pimple.
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I have found drinking a lot of water and getting enough sleep helps me. If it's really bothering you I would suggest going to the doctor. They gave me a prescription for clyndamyacin and it works good for the most part. If youcamt get o the doctor try using tea tree oil. You can buy at a health store or eventarget pharmacy. It has an antibacterial in it that helps kill the acne (or something like that). It will dry out your skin so use just a little mixed with your lotion. Also,I have oily skin too and I noticed even the cetaphil lotion is kinda oily for me so I actually use baby lotion and baby wash on my face. They are very mild and easy on the face. I use a brand called babyganics and its worked good. It's pretty cheap and lasts a longtime too! I thi k a large bottle is about $6. Good luck :)
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