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I have had, since puberty, around 13 years of age, red cheeks and oily skin.  I get pimples when I am stressed out and when not, my skin, including that of my cheeks mellows in color to the hue that is prominent but not cheekwise.  However, I am seeking a permanent solution to my red cheeks, which my doctor said was perhaps rosatia.  however, since the redness of my cheeks does tend to dissipate when i am in warmer climates, sweating alot and keeping clean i am inclined to think that it is something else like alot of small white heads and after shaving, in a bright light it seems that way, because the skin looks bumpy.

I have used proactive, unsuccessfully and now I just use a gentle facewash, burts bee's, with aveeno moisturizer.  In the cold the skin tends to peel or dry up. i shower, irregularly, maybe everyday or if not every 2 days.
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Hi. Rosacea can be treated with oral Oxytetracycline or topical Metronidozole from your doctor.
There are many useful face washes for redness. I recommend Rosaliac by La Roche-Posay, Redness Relief by Eucerin or Redness Solutions by Clinique.
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