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Adult Acne experiance with accutane

Can any one help me figure how to clear my skin.  I had acne since I was 12 and I am now 29.  I am getting a few wrinkles and some stray gray hairs. Why do I still have Acne and it is pretty bad.  I have a lot of black heads and always a few 3-5 large not yet white zits and my skin is covered in tinny zits that just feel like bumps.  I also have  them on my neck ,back and chest.
All my family members have this but they all took accutane in high school but when I was in school I guess my parents thought it was to dangerous or something.
Well I of course do all the usual at home treatments and I have been on all the ant-biotics they have.  I had all the other fancy stuff they have in the dr office these days.

Have you taken accutane as an adult?  How did it work? how risky is it?  Did it really leave you with any of the long term damage that it says like a dry vagina for life? They offered it to me and I told them about the meds I take for pain and they were really rude to me.  I said I dont drink but I do take med and the dr said well its your body blah blah really rude.

what do you other adults out there do?  I want to be able to have beautiful honeymoon pictures with out a pound of foundation
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Hi. I have taken Accutane twice as an adult. Side effects such as dryness of the vagina, eyes, noses etc should disappear within 5 weeks of stopping your medicine. This is because Accutane has a long half life and can stay in your body for 5 weeks afterwards.
Dryness and sensitivity of facial skin may continue for 6 months after stopping treatment as Accutane shrinks the sebaceous glands, and they grow back very slowly.
The side effects I had (such as muscle and joint paint) were tolerable and controllable with non-prescription pain killers.
Accutane is the medicine most likely to result in a long term remission from acne after a course lasting 16-24 weeks.
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