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Adult Cystic Acne Remedies

Do any of you other people that suffer from Adult Cystic Acne have any remedies besides Accutane?  Here is my solution to my Adult Cystic Acne:

I was on 80 mg a day for six months twice.  While on Accutane it worked like a miracle but a couple of months after treatment my adult acne came back.  After 15 years I finally figured out that caffeine was the cause of my adult cystic acne.  I removed all caffeine from my diet and I no longer get cystic acne.  However, if I were to drink a cup of coffee today, tomorrow  I would break out.

Try this yourself and give it a few weeks to see if caffeine is the cause of yours as well.  No more coffee, tea, soda, chocolate, etc.  Also, try the glycolix pads which Contains 10% ultra-pure glycolic acid in combination with the proven keratolytic ingredient 2% salicylic acid.  Get them at Havegreatskin.com.  

These are the same pads that my very expensive dermatologist sold me for $35.00 a pop with his label on them.  They are only $16.00 at Havegreatskin.com and I think this is where he got them from before putting his own home made label on them.

I have tried every remedy under the sun and I have spent thousands of dollars at some of the best dermatologists that I could find.  This formula works for my adult cystic acne and it probably won't work for any other kind, but if you suffer from this type of acne give it a try.  

The only other thing that ever worked for me was Accutane while I was on it but once I stopped my acne slowly returned.  My night vision was permanently damaged from Accutane.  My lips and eyes are dryer than before treatment with Accutane and I was last on Accutane many years ago.  

That is my experience and take from it what you will but I do not believe that there is a acne sufferer that has spent more money and time getting treatment for and also researching adult cystic acne than me.

I have tried the herbal route and it did not work for me.  I was on so many like: Magnesium, Omega-3 Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, B-Complex, Yellow Dock Root, Saw Palmetto, Chromium, Sarsaparilla Root, Guggul, Tee Tree Oil, Burdock Root, Silica, and Ashwagandha.  My cabinet is full of these herbal remedies which did not work for me.
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Another instant remedy for me was to get a Cortisone injection when I felt cystic acne coming on.  Those Cortisone shots work like a dream and make the cystic acne vanish.  Cortisone injections even work on old cystic acne that is a knot under your skin from many months before.

Be careful though, sometimes a Cortisone shot can cause a depression in the skin so proceed with caution.  However, I have never had this problem and I have had about 8 Cortisone injections for my cystic acne and I am pleased with every one of them.  By the way, these Cortisone injections were given by four different dermatologists.
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Thank-you for your imput. I'm glad your acne is getting better, although no proven link between acne and diet has yet been established. I agree with you that herbal remedies are mostly a waste of money. Just because something is natural it doesn't mean it will work for you nor that it won't cause a bad reaction-plant allergies are very common. I will only recommend treatments approved by the FDA, and prescribed by a doctor. Self-diagnosis and treatment can be ineffective and at worst dangerous and some conditions, eg peri-oral dermatitis and acne vulgaris may look very similar.
You make another good point that Accutane is not always curative. It is the closest we have to a cure at the moment, but some patients do relapse. Accutane results in remission for about 80% of patients, with 20% requiring another course. Of those who need a second course about 20% will need a third. However, treatments that sometimes did not work before accutane such as topical preparations, antibiotics or antiandrogens may work after taking it, as accutane changes the skin.
I'm interested to hear about your side effects, it is unusual to have dry lips and eyes so long after taking accutane. Medications effect everyone differently and the expected benefits have to outweigh the potential side effects to be worthwhile. Loiloi x
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I suffered from adult cystic acne for 15 years (started when I was 19).  I did a round of acutane in my 20's but it came back after  a year or two.  I've also done all of the antibiotics--they are not permanent solutions.  My acne has finally gone away and coincidentally, I had oral surgery recently.  I had a root canal on that same tooth when I was about 18 or 19 and the infection never  really went away.  I had a second root canal on it years ago but it still bothered me.  I finally, after 15 years , had oral surgery and now my acne has gone away.  I don't think this is a coincidence.  I think the tooth infection was causing the acne.  Some of you who have persistent adult acne might want to get your teeth (the roots) checked.
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Yes, yes, yes!! Caffeine is my culprit!!  

I noticed when I ate chocolate I got my cysts  about 4 days later. I stopped the chocolate  and my skin was beautiful.

I started drinking coffee and those enery drinks  recently and had huge flair ups with in 4 days of drinking my first cup/can.

This is when I realized caffeine was the evil
source. Yes, caffeine is in chocolate too.

For me, I have eliminated it from diet. :(. It has made a huge difference.

I am 40 and didn't have cystic acne as a teen only after I gave birth to my children.
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