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Adult acne!

Hi everyone, I suffered teenage acne & since turning 25 it's came back with avengance, my skin has never been so bad! I do have combination skin anyway but it's gone insane lately, make up is flaking off, my scars from teenage acne look worse & need to be covered with foundation & concealer, a few months ago foundation would do the trick, my pores are definately getting bigger! I'm currently using Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser, dermalogica toner & Liz Earle moisturiser! I use MAC studio sculpt foundation & underneath either mac spf50 primer or bare minerals prime time! Does anyone no if anything I'm using could be causing more problems or is my skin being so bad just part of growing up? Also I have tried mineral make up & it's not for me at all! Thanks in advance!!
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From my experience the less make up and facial product you use the better. I spend so much time and money on facial product and all I got is dermatitis.
First you have to know what triggers acne and start from there. The problem is always inside the body so you can't prevent acne with creams. It does matter what product you use but try to stay on natural products as much as you can. For me Avene worked well but contraceptive pills and diet prevent new acne form coming. (I used pills for like a year)
I don't use much make up, only corrector for sensitive skin (avene).
It takes time for skin to recover but it's worth to be patient. When it comes to acne every quick solution it's usually not the best. After letting my skin to recover I started to treat scars with light pillings (dermatologist). I had seven treatments till now but you could tell a difference after third one. My face is much better,  not perfect, but way better then it was. I hope it will get better with time. Right now I use only one cream and I stick to my diet. Also I found useful baby creams with zinc oxide. Diet and lifestyle are very important. Make sure you always get enough sleep.
When it comes to products it's best to listen to your own skin. It doesn't matter who prescribed you a product always read about what you are putting on your face. And if you don't know what some cream contains don't use it even if it's "natural". .
I probably sound too skeptic but that's what I learned on my skin.
Best wishes!

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And yeah, don't forget to drink water. =)
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Thanks so much for you advice! I will def keep an eye out Avene!
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