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Anything that works?

In 8th grade, when I reached my puberty, I got LOADS of pimples. My mum suffered from acne at my age as well! At one point they almost like got infected and I had fever! Now I'm in 10th grade, and so my skin has gotten better, but still there are pimples and like compared to 8th grade it's few but still there are some that are big and like remarkable.

I've tried a lot of different treatments, each for a couple of months to give them some time to work. But I haven't found that one treatment that makes my acne better for a long time! I've heard of proactive, and that it helps. But I'm not sure!

Do you have any advice for what skin product treatments you know that give results? If you do, I'd be so thankful!
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Have you been to a dermatologist or are you just trying different things on your own?  Proactive did not work for my son but I think that there are many people that have success with it.  I think if you have religiously washed your face twice a day and kept your hands and hair off of your face and it hasn't gotten better, then a dermatology appointment is the way to go.   There are antibiotics that can be used to treat acne.  Take care.  
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I've seen a doctor and he gave me Basiron, like a cream for acne. But I train daily and after trying it for a couple weeks my face was burning. After that I've tried other moisturising things which includes washing your face and so on, but never found something that lasts for long.
I checked out dermatology on the internet and it sounds interesting. Thanks so much for the help!
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