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Azelex and Benzaclin help

My face started to break out again real bad about a month ago. My doctor prescribed me Benzaclin, and that seemed to clear it up real well for a week, but then my face got really dry. And started peeling, which led to whiteheads. So I decided to have my doctor switch me to azelex. In the two day break in b/w meds, my face flared up bad. Although the azelex is gentler on my face, I'm concerned that it might be more prone to leave red spots, whereas benzaclin did not.Has anybody had experience with these meds? Can they be taken together?
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Hi there,
Few common side effects of Benzoyl peroxide are peeling and flaking, redness and irritation, itching etc. Azelex can cause burning,tingling,dryness,rash  and stinging. You can take precautions to lessen your chances of developing these side effects by applying a thin film and following the usage directions and do not use more than recommended .You should always start with a lower concentration first, and move up if needed. Using higher percentages may increase your chance of developing side effects. If the symptoms are severe or persistent consult a dermatologist. He/she may suggest other treatment options.
Best luck and regards!
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