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Best Acne Med?

What's the best acne medication to use? I've tried multiple(Clean & Clear..etc) but they really haven't worked..
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I have tried chemical peel for acne. it certainly hepls.
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Hello Marshallsbaby12, let me tell you that the best acne treatment is without MEDICAL treatment. Anti acne creams, topical ointments, pills, tetracyclin, doxycyline can only lessen the inflammation of your acne but it will never really kill the root cause of your acne. I  discovered a powerful method tested and proven by 138,000 people around the globe in 157 different countries. You see, you must understand what acne is, what it works with it and what makes it worst. Once you've done this then you can slowly get rid of acne effectively. There are a lot you need to know and I am really hoping and willing to help you out.
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I've been on Accutane twice and still have crummy skin. After the second round failed to show lasting improvements, I just stopped seeing my dermatologist because at that point I'd already been with her for 6 years.
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Ramjayseo, acne is said to be a common skin problem in the US and almost 80% of Americans are affected, regardless if you're an American or not, acne may affect you. Now, because acne is a very common skin condition, I am honestly astounded of the misinterpretation and mistreatment done by most medical professionals. You see, the most common type of acne people experiences is the "ACNE VULGARIS". This bacterial inflammation is usually found on shoulders, back, face, neck and even chest which could sometimes be really painful with lesions. Now, when medical professionals tried different treatments and only to see it failed, your dermatologist might call your condition a "CHRONIC" condition. But the truth is, you've been undergoing the WRONG treatment! The root cause of your problem or acne has not been properly addressed.

One of the ROOT causes of acne is your DIET. It is a proven fact that most people suffering from acne are because of a diet high in sugar or refined carbohydrates. Second ROOT cause could be STRESS. Recent studies have indeed shown that stress can definitely aggravate your acne condition.
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The best acne medication depends on your acne type and also the type of your skin.It is different among people. So to get the best medication you need to show a skin expert.
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i have acne that contain the small white head. i dont know whether they are good or not. i'm in a mess. is there any solution. need it very seriously. after the acne there are several acne scars too. what to do???
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Do not touch your acne. It will increase your acne problem. Wash your face with cold water. Neem face wash or soap may be useful. Try to eat bitter food or fruits.  
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