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Best thing for my skin...

I am 21 years old. I had acne as a teenager, but never this kind. The usual red slobber knockers that I would tamper for fun. Since I have moved into a new apartment, the lighting in the bathroom is a bit more, let's say... Revealing. Lol. It looks like... Cottage cheese under my cheeks. I don't feel very good about it. The scars and minor redness are whatever, I'm just wondering what the heck is up with this white blockage protruding under my skin?

The following is my skin care regime for the last month with not much improvement:

*Tea tree oil face wash 2x/day
*Tea tree toner 2x/day
*Tea tree moisturizer 1x/day
*Tea tree exfoliating wash 2x/week
*Tea tree face mask 1x/week

Noteable variables:
*Highly active
*Healthy diet
*Casual drinker/smoker (rare)

Anything remarks will help.
Thanks in advance,
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Fewer / no scars from blemishes if you leave them alone (don't pop them).   Sure tea tree oil etc. works pretty good on regular blemishes (I see amazon.com's customers like it), but I think you've got more going on there.

Looks to me like you've lots of blocked pores.  For a good end result I urge you to get a referral (from your family doctor) to a dermatologist (or just call direct if the office accepts direct calls) for a professional assessment of your situation and suggestions on a treatment plan.  

I suspect you might (or might not) receive a recommendation to try  (prescription) Retin A (a longish term approach, typically 2-6 months, typically makes things worse for the first week or two), but perhaps some other approach.
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