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Big bump on inner thigh

So today I got a cyst that was growing and painful on my inner thigh drained and lanced. Before it was big and swollen and now it's flattened out still a little red but still draining with a little blood.
I'm 21 and I don't really get bumps like these, I've gotten a few under my armpits but they never got this big or painful and I never needed them to be drained because they would go away by itself.

My dermatologist gave me doxycycline 100mg twice a day and that really helped me in the past with styes that would not disappear.
So I guess what I'm trying to figure out is
1. How long do boils usually take to heal up after being lanced? I don't care if I get a scar there all i. Want is for this ugly and kinda sore bump to go away so I can walk sit and lead a normal life.
2. How often do people get these? My dermatologist said I have HS but I doubt it because I've only gotten 2 bumps on my armpits not at the same time and 3-5 years apart from each other. When I got this I didn't  have any other bumps on my body.
3. How to prevent these? I think maybe my diet needs some tweaking but I'm living in a dorm next semester which makes me even more scared because I need to feel better to go back to school.
I'm not shaving down there anymore. Not for a few months.
Please help me, anyone with advice. I'm feeling really down and I feel so weird because of this.
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I would use tea tree oil soap and straight TT oil on the area.  I would join the facebook turmeric paste group and learn how it can help you.  
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