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Black stone like thing coming with pus and blood

I saw this acne bump forming under my skin, right on my jawline and within like the span of two days, the bump was turning blue ish and then the next day it was black. Every now and then, the pimple would pop itself and pus would come out, and it was painful to touch. After two months, I decided to pop it completely as it was too painful and the pus coming out of it was very frequent. When I popped it, more pus came out and then this rock like thing came out with it (it was extremely painful but I had to know what it was). After it came out, there was little hole on the surface of my skin and it didn’t hurt to touch that area anymore. That black thing was huge and did not break when I squeezed it neither did it dissolve when I washed it with water. Can someone let me know what this is? I have one more similar looking pimple on the temple and I know I won’t be able to pop it like the one in jawline because temples are painful.
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