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Blackheads ALL OVER my shoulders and back. WORST CASE EVER!

PLEASE nobody give me advice to exfoliate, or use a certain soap, or eat a certain food, or sleep more, or hang upside-down....or any other common-sensical, mundane, foolish, witch-craft-ish, herbal...or otherwise foolish advice or something that I obviously would have thought of.  this has been going on for half of my 28 yr life...and I have 20+ doctors and 10+ dermatologists and nothing makes me see red more than one more un-empathetic person dismissing this is as a minor problem and/or thinking I am vain...or saying that "others have it worse” sorry to be rude right off the bat, but I am sure most of you know what I am talking about...

I hope someone can shed light on this. I am 28 years old and I have been hoping for years that my acne and bad skin is going to clear up as I get older and grow out of it.  I had bad skin (not horrible) in high school and it got better 18-25 years old...but I certainly never got to the point where I didn't have to keep a cover up make-up stick in my pocket and tan at least once a week to hide some occasional zits.  blackheads have been something I have dealt with my whole life and lately it is out of control. if I lean forward in the mirror (and this has practically always been like this)... every square iota of space on my face can be squeezed where at the very least I can push something out of every pore (whether it be oil...or one of those white curly cue's...or a brownish hardened blackhead).  you wouldn't know it when you look at me...as I am good looking (save the roll of the eyes...I only say that for the validity of my story) and my girlfriend is constantly saying, "you have GOOD skin [on my face]...what are you talking about?"...which only pisses me off more.  my back and shoulders has become a mine field of blackheads and a living hell.  I haven't had my shirt off my whole adult life because of moderate body acne...but the last 2-3 years have been an absolute living hell.  my back and shoulders feel like somebody sprinkled a handful of very fine sand completely evenly over my body when you run your hand over my skin.  I can scratch some of them out...and I can spend hours (literally...sometimes 2-3) in the mirror doing an acrobatic maneuver where I pop what I can reach behind my back with two hands...but a lot of the ones that I don't somehow get out or come out on their own end up becoming a huge red zit.  these zits are spectacular when I finally pop them...and the aftermath always contains the pesky blackhead that was acting like the Hoover dam for the mess behind it.  my nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin all have infinite blackheads as well if I lean close enough and become too meticulous...but I end up trying to find refuge in the fact that most people won't get as close to my face as I do and won't be able to see all of my blackheads.  the BH on my back and shoulders are visible in any light.  my girlfriend has the kind of skin that no matter how close I get there is not a single flaw.  her back glistens in the light and I would give 3 fingers [I literally would be overjoyed to trade 3 fingers for permanent flawless skin] to have skin like her.

ok...I am at the point where unless I can find someone with a similar story and a successful treatment...I am going to illegally buy acutance on my own in Mexico and take it until either my skin is flawless or I become so sick/ill/dead that I can't take it anymore.  I have tried everything (don’t even ask...everything that ends in cyclene, every gel, cream, liquid, pill, body wash, soap, exfoliator, 3-step-kit, azalex, B5, good diet, ect...) on the earth and have been looking for the cure-all for 15 years...so tane is my last hope.


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Obtain the accutane legally from a dermatologist. It is your best hope of a long term remission from acne. I have taken accutane twice but unfortunately relapsed both times. However, having taken it, the oxytetracycline and Differin that I use are now more effective. I hope it works for you. Loiloi x
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From personal experience and from what i have heard, acutane is never a solution for your problem.
About blackheds, try this link, it might be of help.

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Hi Kevin, I am 27 year old. I have exactly the same problems as you have described. My boyfriend has the most beautiful and smooth skin I have ever seen.

My blackheads are as bad as yours and I really suffer from feeling unclean because of it. Recently I went to see a doctor and explained that nothing has ever help me (As you said, I also never take off my t-shirt because I hate the blackheads). He prescribed me antibiotics and said if they don't help, then the other option is accutane.

I read the side effects of both these medicine and it is horrible.
I found a very honest and dedicted person who runs a very informative website for people who suffer from acne. Before you go on any drastic medicine cure, please read what Seppo has to say. I have just started following his advice and he really makes sense.

I have not seen any results yet because I have just started a few days ago and it will take a while. So trust me and read his website:


I wish you all the best because I know how it feels
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I'm so glad to have read your story, because I have honestly always thought that I was some kind of freak because of my blackheads. I also have them LITERALLY in every single pore on my torso, butt, and thighs.

I wish that I could offer you some kind of cure or explanation,but unfortunately I don't have one. But I do know that it has meant more to me than anything to hear your story (I fell like I could ahve written it!), and I just thought you might like to know that you aren't alone.

As far as something contructive to offer you, I can only tell you what I have tried to research - I've looked into two other things that I think our condition could be: Keratosis Pilaris and Seborrheic Dermatitis. There are multiple treatments I have found for both (though no cures) and they include lactic acid creams, coal tar lotions, and other topicals containing things like Vitamin A and urea.

I haven't tried any of the treatments to date, but I am going to start the coal tar treatment for seborrheic dermatits today. If I have any luck, I'll be sure to let you know!
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I am also 28 yrs old.
I suffered from bad horrid evil acne for many years and my ex boyfriend did also but his dr. put him on accutane and once i started to see it zap his skin i tried it too and it zapped my skin too.
it really is great, but you do have to complain a lot to your dr. because this stuff is expensive and for the insurance to pay for it you really have to complain a lot i found. tell your dr. that you have tried everything, anitbiotics, creams, lotions, soaps adn all that other stuff that doesnt work.
I really hope you take my advice, it will help you so much and you will be so much happier!
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My husband of 28 years has the same problem with his back ( his face is  flawless) ...hes now 48 and has most of it clear up. BUT he has this one black head that will not go away. it actually smells bad when I squeeze it
My advice is...live with it. Your girl will love you know matter what. I know you are young, and if this is your main problem...you are lucky
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