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Blackheads on nose.

I am 26 and have had this problem with blackheads since I was 12 years old. They first started to appear on the edges of my nose when I was 13. Later on in life I had the same problem only worse. It got to point that washing it with soap didn't do anything for it. When I was about 18 I had to start pinching everything out every 2-3 weeks. This was the only way I could avoid having dark blackheads all over my nose was to pinch them. I knew I wasn't supposed to do that, but I did anyway because it was the only option.

Today I am 26 and obviously the problem is worse than it ever has been. I have tried nearly every product on the market and most of them make the problem worse. I have to pinch everything out every 2-3 days to keep from looking gross. Fortunately, the surface of my nose didn't begin to show pores until I turned 22-23. However, today my nose is beginning to show some small dips in a couple places and pore size is slowly increasing. It got a little worse after all the sun exposure last summer.

Anyway, my reason for posting that wasn't just to outlet my feelings or seek help emotionally. It was because I need to actually do something about this. When I went to my doctor he as like "There's nothing that can be done besides surgery. It's expensive and they wont do it for you because you're too young." After that conversation I broke down and didn't go to work for 2 weeks. I guess at the time I felt like the Doc would at least try, but he cut the conversation shorter than 3 minutes. He offered nothing. That was about 1 year ago.

Today I'm trying to figure out who I should talk to or what treatment options are available. I really feel strongly that I should do something instead of letting people make me think that I'm too young to try to improve my life in this department. If anyone who understands can offer some advice, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,

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I used to be a very handsome man. Today I have noticed my wife not wanting me to meet her new friends as much, which is insanely hard because I LOVE meeting new people. I don't think it's because she's vain, it's just hard for her to accept now how different I look now from when she met me. Of course we've never talked about, but you get clues here and there. Like when she subtly mentioned an article in a magazine that talks about how doctors can help with large pores. She then skips out of the conversation and moves on. When I brought it up another time, she just dodged the topic. I get the feeling that it's just as hard on her. I could ask her for support, but what good will that do in the long run? Make her know I have lost ALL of my confidence? No way!
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First Jake get your self on a good skincare regime.A gentle water soluble cleanser like cetaphil twice a day .Dont use soap.Soap will leave behind residue that contributes to balckheads.
Wash am and pm
Then use a good exfolitaor.Beta hydroxyacid is the best becauses of its ability to penetrate the pore and unclog it.You can get this at the drugstore or go to the paulas choice website:The cosmetics cop and order hers.I use the 2% beta hydroxy.Be gentle with your skin.You can use the beta hydroxy after the am and pm cleansing.Give at least 4 weeks and you will notice a big difference.
Good luck Venora
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I had similar problems Jake.  Recently I found that Biore patches worked very well and actually cleaned out my pores better than washing alone. It also helped minimize my pores.  Don't use more than once in 3 days as it does contain chemicals that can irritate your skin if used too frequently.  I also recommend Neutrogena Pore minimizer.  It is a clear mask you put on after washing for a few minutes then wash off with lukewarm water.  Last, but definitely not least, drink water.  A good 6-8 glasses a day also made a marked difference in my skin.  

Good luck.
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Hey. I have tried the strips and they are a joke on my skin. They'll take out maybe 10-15 % of my blackheads, but nowhere near enough to make it worth it.  The only advantage I've found with them is they'll remove the first few layer of dead skin, making it easier to deeply wash my face afterwards. I think a facial scrub does a better job.

Verona- Did you really have the problem as severely as I do? We're talking about every other pour getting clogged in a matter of days. The oil on my nose is out of control. Once the pour is clear, it will be drenched in oil in less than 2 minutes. Obviously that hardens in less than a day and turns in to a blackhead shortly after.

I haven't tried Beta Hydroxy Acid. The products people usually recommend for me are designed for people with much, much less severe blackheads than what I have. I wash with Roc facial cleanser twice daily and use a clay mask 3-4 times per week. I will try the Beta Hydroxy Acid and see how well it helps.

I'm to the point that any ideas are greatly appreciated. There is really no amount of money that I would refuse if I knew it would dramatically improve the appearance of my skin. Even $10,000 if I knew for a fact that I would see a major improvement.
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My Derm recommends HydraFacial (treatment performed in a Dr office) for removing blackheads and other impurities, reducing pore size, and improving skin tone and wrinkles.  It is kinda a form of microdermabrasion but uses a solution of chemicals and nutrients (not sure what exactly) and water to extract the junk rather than scraping off your top skin layers.  Also FotoFacial (also performed by the Dr) is supposed to help with pore size, along with Rosacia and other similar skin issues.  If the problem is out of control oil production, you may also want to look into Accutane or other treatments for that on a more systemic level.
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I have VERRRY large pores with and I use to have horrific balck heads untill I found the cosmeticscop website and started using the beta hy droxy.
It takes time but it works.Cheeks and nose are nice and clear where i use to get  the blackheads.
Let me know how it goes for you.Love Venora
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I have same prob Jake D. when i turned 30, my pug  nose started getting bigger!. yea. I have always had small blackheads, or whitteheads (even groser) because my pores are big, and i was born with kind of a big nose,  but AFTER age 30, my pores got huge. Now i got pits, and tiny crevices, my dead skin on my nose doesnt shed,  just sticks there, builds up as i sleep at night,  and i got to rub it off daily,and smooth it all down,  and its oily and yes i got to squeeze the junk out nearly daily or i look like Quasimodo., so dont feel bad, your not alone.
   THIS DROVE ME BONKERS,  for YEARS, i got depressd about it..i am shy about going out and meeting people, bad self -estem, mainly because of this, if not for my nose , i would look maybe handsome, or at least normal.
  MY point is this,..I did learn a few tricks..I quit washing my face every day. Soap and water was drying it out...and instead i use WITCH HAZEL (which is 10 alcohol.,...but 90 percent mild astringent.

WITCH HAZEL is the trick., It is akin to SEABREEZE brand astringent, only SEabreeze is costly, which hazel costs like a buck a bottle.

It is gentle on skin,  it is clear liquid, closes up pores some , reduces them without messy creames that can also clog pores. ..with WITCH HAZEL i can reduce my pores ,smooth my skin out, and get it looking semi normal, without it i look like the swamp thing , at least my nose does..so TRY WITCH HAZEL.
   But I suggest you apply it to our nose MORNING , noon , and night, otherwise it wears off., but if you apply it 3 times a day your skin will look a lot better and smoother, I find i still got to squeeze lightly, ...A foaming exfoliator..like JOhnson and Johnson clean and clear helps., but doenst get each and every pooor, but helps. MAINLY WITCH HAZEL DUDE ..take it from me....I am impoverished and had to become my own dermmatologist..and i know it works.
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If you skin is sensitive too, the Burts Bees line of skin care is really good. They have is creamy facial cleanser that makes your face feel sooooo good after you use it and I also recommed using they exfoliator scrub. However you should only use it once a week at they most because as I had to learn the hard way from other exfoliators that the more you use any exfoliator the more your face will break out and thats what you do not want. :)
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I am a 30yr old woman who never had an acne issue until recently.  I have tried everything on the market. I even used expensive stuff such as Clinique. I have finally got advice from My best friend who has a bad acne issue. She goes to a dermitologist, they recommended witch Hazel! Also and Exfoliater. But use the exfoliator once a week cause it will cause the dead skin to clog your pores. Then use Olays daily intensive deep cleansing clay mask 2-3  a week. It gets rid of dirt and impurites. I also have black heads bad on my nose and face and I noticed a big improvement on them! So use Witch Hazel, Olay and exfoliator! The olay mask is the best and the Witch hazel reguvinates the skin! Good Luck
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I don't know how you pinch out blackheads. I use a needle to dig mine out. Because its just dead cells, it doesn't hurt. I have rosacea so my nose is usually inflamed at the slightest disturbance. Doctors say you don't get blackheads with rosacea, but I did. I would try digging them out with a fine tip needle because it does less damage than pinching. I have also read something about differin which is supposed to be good for blackheads. Try that. I am going to try it. I can't believe have how many morons talk about "lotions, skincare regimen". Looks like advertizers to me.
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Im the same Jake! im 28 and over the past year the pores on my nose are everywhere. They appear deep and when direct light hits my face i get depressed big time.
I use Witch Hazel at night after washing, and use Monu cleanser, toner and moisturiser in the morning.
If only i knew back then what i know now! Picking and squeezing is the worst thing you can do, but i wasnt aware of it at the time so my nose looks to be scared now but despite doing my best to stay clean -  the pores and sebum keep on coming.
I swear I have the nose of an 80yr old. Unfortunately, i dont believe what anyones says - nothing works - all i have to look forward to is watching it get worse. Sorry for the negativity but its ruining me!
All the best.
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hey jake...have you ever tried a salicylic acid peel.

i mean those OTC stuff is more for maintenance... that stuff is not intensive. salicylic acid sheds inside the pore and the dead skin cells on the surface... and guess what... its oil soluble...so it will help to dissolve the nasty pore clogging sebum.

see a dermatologist  or an esthetician who can give you a good face peel...start light and then go deep...maybe 10% salicylic and then maybe 15% or more...i am not a doctor and these statements have not been aprroved by any state,national or international body:-)  but you can give it a try.

warmest regards
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