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Body Acne - Need an actual solution

Hi there,

I have a moderate grading of Acne all over my chest, and back, and I am a 26 year old male. I've tried topical antibacterial applications, and I have tried 3 repeats of consecutive oral antibacterials of 50mg tablets.

The tablets did not remove it all. However, while on the tablets, it did reduce the amount significantly on the skin. Now that I have run out of that prescription, for approximately a week - ALL of the acne has returned just as bad, in the same areas.

Are all of these oral treatments and topical treatments a waste of time? . They all seem to loosely manage the problem while using them; though none of them ever seem to actually FIX the problem?

In addition to this, are there laser treatments available that treat Acne itself (as opposed to the scars)?? and will this actually work?
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You're right- topical and oral antibotics treat and prevent acne, but they do not cure it. They must be taken for as long as the tendancy towards acne persists. This does not mean that they are a waste of time, since most people are only prone to acne for a few years of their life.
If your tendancy towards acne persists, and oral antibiotics result in failure or relapse, you may be a candidate for Oral Isotretinoin (Accutane/Roaccutane). This is the closest we have to a cure for acne. It shrinks the oil glands in the skin semi-permanently. Virtually all patients achieve excellent or total clearance after one course lasting 16-24 weeks. 80% of patients do not need a second course. The reason this is not prescribed as a first line treatment is because it can have potential side effects. However, this must be balanced against the fact that it is the most effective acne treatment available. Discuss this with your doctor.
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