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Cannot go out in sun


My son is 6 and half years old. Two months back he developed a red rash on his face when went out in sun. Since then whenever he goes out to sun he gets red rash and very dry lip for weeks. He is indoor only the last two months. We tried all kind of sun screen but nothing helps.
Any suggestion please
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Your doctor may be able to prescribe a stronger sun block that you may not be able to purchase over the counter.

My doctor prescribed me with a 50% strength sun block to protect my face from the sun and wind because it set off my Rosacea.

When you take him outside, is there anything that he may be allergic to apart from the sun?
Any exposed parts of my body, including my face, came out in a rash when I was younger; there were sheep in the field that we had walked through and also when we went past corn fields when we were on the river and I was in my binki.  

If you have to take him out, put the sunblock on, moisturise his lips as well as cover him up, sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat.
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The red rash is called urticaria sometimes known as heat rash.  Calomine lotion is soothing for this.  But best not to go out without protection.

The other point I forgot to mention is not to let him out during the hottest parts of the day when the sun is at it fiercest.  

He'll probably will be OK in the morning and later on in the day when the sun starts to go down.

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Thank you for your comment. His condition is very severe so no sunscreen works. We have tried with SPF 50 but it does not work at all. The doctor said it is polymorphous light eruption but too server. She recommended some tablet called heliocare which contains polypodium leucotamos extract.  The problem is this tablet is not available in new zealand as there are very people who needs this. Last week the doctor said I will get in USA. So far he does stay indoor most of the time.
Once again thanks a lot
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Sorry to hear about your son's plight and I hope you can get the medication you need for him very soon.

Out of curiosity, is your son taking any other medications that may causing this severe reaction to the sun?  The reason I ask is that my huband many years ago when on a particular medication (can't remeber which one) got weeping sores all over his arms when they got exposed to the sun.

Either way, make sure he is always well hydrated (drink water).

Hope he grows out of it.  All the best
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He has constipation so he is on medication for that for more than a year. Yes he drinks less so we trying hard to make him drink more.
Best Regards
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Sorry to hear that.

If you have trouble getting him to drink water or fruit squashes and juices, he might like jelly (I presume that is what you call it in New Zealand, in America they call it jello).

If he eats fresh fruits like grapes, kiwi, oranges, strawberries, melon, these fruits contain a lot of fluids.  So that might help.  Also they contain roughage and that will help with the constipation.
If he does not like  one fruit try him on a different one.

The extra drinks and fuit/juices willl help him with his constipation as well as any roughage foods, like porridge (he may like Ready Brek you can get chocolate flavoured now), and wholemeal foods instead of refined.
If he likes to eat chocolate cake - if you make this at home, you can grate in some carrot, apple, or courgette.  Sometimes I put in half a carrot and half a courgette into the mix, other times one or the other, depends on what mood I'm in.  One of my grandson's won't eat veg, but he does eat certain fruits.

Don't make a big issue out of it as it will stress him out and he will deliberately not drink or eat the fruit.    When my gandkids do not drink enough or don't want fruit, I usually plonk a drink or a yogurt drink in front of them, and wo and behold they consume it.

Hope I have given you some useful tips.
Wishing you well
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